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Governor of Arequipa asks to approve addendum 13 of Majes Siguas II

The regional governor of Arequipa, Elmer Cáceres Llica, asked the regional councilors to take stock of the cost benefit of addendum 13 of the Majes Siguas II project when voting for its approval. The authority has been in favor of making the addendum viable.

Addendum 13, which implies a change in the original irrigation project concession contract. Among the clauses is a change in the irrigation system that raises the price of the project at 104 million dollars.

Cáceres recalled that he was also opposed to addendum 13, however he maintained that in a cost-benefit analysis it would be favorable. He asked the regional councilors to take the same balance, who will have the last word on the viability of the addendum.

The governor maintained that the addendum approval deadline would expire on October 31 Otherwise, legal actions could be initiated by the concessionaire.

Given this, some counselors have claimed for the short time to analyze the document. According to the authority, the councilors had enough time to know the addendum, although the final text has not yet been delivered to them.


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