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Sale of new vehicles in Peru closes 2021 in green: 3.4% more than in 2019

The Automotive Association of Peru (AAP) reported that the sale of new vehicles registered, during 2021, a significant advance compared to previous years, after registering an increase of 40% compared to 2020 and 3.4% compared to 2019, a prepandemic year.

According to figures from Sunarp, the sale of new light vehicles (made up of cars, trucks, pickups and vans, station wagons, SUVs and SUVs) registered 157,100 units sold during the outgoing year.

When disaggregating the information, it can be seen that the sale of cars and station wagons totaled 46,029 units throughout 2021, exceeding that registered in 2020 by 23.9%, although a 19.3% drop can be seen compared to 2019 .

In the case of SUV sales, these reached 62,744 units in the year analyzed (+ 60.2% vs 2020, + 27% vs 2019), those of pick-ups and vans stood at 29,618 units (+46.1 % vs 2020, + 30.7% vs 2019), while the pickup trucks totaled 18,709 units (+ 20.1% vs 2020, -18.3% vs 2019).

“In this sense, the performance observed by these types of vehicles during 2021 was driven by the dynamism of domestic demand, the recovery of employment and income indices, access to extraordinary income (availability of the CTS and AFP funds ), the use of private savings impounded by families, and the commercial policies implemented by the concessionaires, which facilitated the supply and access to said vehicles, ‚ÄĚstated the AAP.

In addition, we can also mention other factors, such as financing facilities, and the acquisition of said vehicles -mainly, cars and vans- to be used in taxi and delivery services. It should be noted that the low comparison base with respect to 2020 had a substantial influence on sales growth.

AAP: sale of heavy vehicles

Meanwhile, in the sale of heavy vehicles a mixed performance was observed during 2021. On the one hand, the sale of trucks and tractors added 15,680 units, obtaining a growth of 45.5% compared to 2020 and 27% compared to 2019.

The aforementioned increase was explained by the reactivation of various economic sectors at the national level, such as construction, mining, commerce, agribusiness, among others, which demand these units for the transport of goods and supplies. However, the sale of minibus and buses closed the year with 1,971 units sold, falling by 7.7% and 54.2% compared to 2020 and 2019, respectively.

The negative behavior of the sales of these units is due to the fact that the sectors linked to public, urban and interprovincial transport, as well as tourism and other leisure activities, have not recovered at the same speed as other economic sectors.

“One cannot fail to mention that the percentage drop has been moderating in recent months, which could suggest an eventual recovery in 2022,” said the AAP.

AAP: sale of minor vehicles

Finally, the sale of smaller vehicles (motorcycles and trimotos) totaled 425,612 units sold in 2021, a figure 49% higher than the previous year and higher by 48.8% compared to 2019.

Thus, last year a total of 291,490 motorcycles were sold (+ 49.9% vs 2020, + 74.2% vs 2019). This significant increase was explained by the growing acceptance of said vehicles as they are a safe means of transport in the current context of the pandemic, since it allows maintaining the recommended social distancing.

Likewise, in 2021 134,122 trimotos were sold (+ 47.0% vs 2020, + 12.9% vs 2019), driven by the greater demand for these vehicles by people to be used as short-haul public transport units.


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