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Exchange rate in Peru: how much it is trading today, Monday, October 18, 2021

The price of the dollar today, Monday, October 18, 2021, is quoted at 3.9315 soles, according to the Bloomberg portal. This price comes after the US currency closed the previous day at S / 3.9323, according to the Central Reserve Bank of Peru. In addition, the exchange rate in the parallel market is located at S / 3,920 for the purchase and S / 3,960 for the sale. As for Sunat, this state entity quotes the greenback at S / 3,926 for the purchase and S / 3,938 for the sale. The value of the foreign currency is stable after the ratification of Julio Velarde in the board of the BCRP and the appointment of Mirtha Vásquez as president of the Council of Ministers.

In the economic sphere, the national currency, the Peruvian sol appreciated by 3.45% during the last week, after the dollar closed lower for five consecutive days. Last Friday, October 15, however, there was a rebound in the greenback. The foreign currency will be modulated little by little to determine whether it will continue to fall or remain, experts told La República.

On the other hand, the government of the head of state, Pedro Castillo, published the regulations of Law No. 31031, which provides measures that ensure and guarantee access to a pension in favor of the insured of the National Pension System (SNP), who are unable to access a pension for not having reached the 20 years of contribution provided in DL 19990.

In that sense, through Supreme Decree No. 282-2021-EF, it is provided that affiliates who are at least 65 years of age and comply with accrediting at least 10 years of contributions and do not reach 15 years have the right to a retirement pension of up to S / 250. While those who contributed more than 15 years and less than 20 years will be able to access a pension of S / 350.


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