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Mirtha Vásquez: We have proposed changes to the General Mining Law to the SNMPE

The President of the Council of Ministers, Mirtha Vásquez, reported that they have proposed to the National Society of Mining, Oil and Energy (SNMPE) a series of changes to the General Mining Law to address social conflicts in the country.

“We have frankly told the SNMPE that we would like to propose a series of changes (to the mining law) to address conflicts in the country,” said Vásquez.

Through an interview for Ideeleradio, he reported that a quiet setting is needed to companies in which investments can be made. “Since the entire change in the mining law was frustrated, we have to make progress in some adjustments “added.

In addition, Vásquez reported that there are regulations dating from the 1990s that must be changed to reduce the number of social conflicts and guarantee a better setting for business activity.


Social conflicts to attend

Likewise, the Prime Minister reported that the changes proposed by the Government will extend solutions to more than 200 social conflicts that exist in the country.

“There are a series of structural issues in which to advance, because that ensures that these more than 200 social conflicts begin to decline”, informed the head of the PCM.

Likewise, he stressed that social conflicts are numerous. But nevertheless, structural changes proposed by the Government may help these to be solved.

“At this time it is impossible for us to attend conflict by conflict. Materially we cannot be in all places, and it is also not sustainable. There is a good part that can be solved in another way, but there are structural changes that must be made “, He said.


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