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Exchange rate LIVE: see the exchange rate TODAY, Tuesday, January 4

Meet the dollar price in Peru today, Tuesday, January 4, for buying and selling in the parallel market and the main banks in the country. The greenback opened with a price of S / 3.9660, according to the Bloomberg portal. The previous session, on Monday, January 3, the North American currency closed with a price of S / 3.9600, reported the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP).

In this way, the currency fell by 0.77% compared to the close of last Friday, December 31, when it stood at S / 3.9910. During the day, the issuing entity went to the market at sell US $ 160 million at an average exchange rate of S / 3.9970 per dollar to attenuate the volatility of the currency.

Shares of the Chinese mining company MMG Ltd. rose in the first hours of 2022, after announcing the total resumption of its operations in the Las Bambas mining project, located in Apurímac. “The share price of 1208.HK has changed to + 1.96% or +0.05 HKD” since the last trading day, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange said.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance highlighted that public investment achieved a execution of S / 39,102 million 622,434 during the year 2021. The figure represents a nominal growth of 38.02% compared to the expenditure of S / 28,330 million 668,470 registered in 2020. During 2019, public investment reached S / 32,288 million 175,860, however, the figure exceeded S / 32,284 million 881,722 invested in 2018.

Live: price of the dollar, exchange rate today, Tuesday, January 4 for buying and selling

The dollar is located at S / 4.0187, according to Bloomberg

The price of the dollar today, Tuesday, January 4, 2022, is at S / 3.9660, according to the Bloomberg portal, at 8.07 am.

What is the exchange rate?

We use the exchange rate, which is the price of one country’s currency (currency) in terms of another, to change a currency. It is also known as the exchange rate in other countries.

Why is the exchange rate important?

Knowing the exchange rate or exchange rate helps us to know how many units of national currency must be paid to obtain a foreign currency. For example, in Peru, to obtain one dollar, approximately three and ninety soles must be delivered.


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