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Osiptel and operators will implement a system that will automate attention to user complaints

The Supervisory Agency for Private Investment in Telecommunications (Osiptel) and the operating companies will implement an interoperable system that will automate the attention and follow-up to the appeal files and complaints submitted by users.

Thus was established the initiative of the regulator of the telecommunications with the publication of the resolution of the Board of Directors, which modifies the regulations for the attention of procedures and complaints from users of public telecommunications services.

The interoperable system will facilitate the interaction between the regulatory entity and the operators through a set of automated services that will ensure both inter-institutional connectivity and the integration of systems for handling files, complaints and administrative sanctioning procedures that fall under the jurisdiction of the Administrative Tribunal for the Settlement of User Claims (Trasu) of Osiptel.

Thus, The tool will be used to raise appeal and complaint files Regarding user complaints, send additional documents linked to them, open official files, enter information regarding complaints, follow up on procedures, among others.

The companies Operators with more than 500,000 subscribers nationwide will be required to incorporate this digital tool, while the others may optionally be eligible.

On the other hand, the standard also provides for the implementation of a web portal so that all users of public services of telecommunications and operators with 500,000 or fewer subscribers send additional information regarding the files of appeals and complaints. In addition, so that they identify and verify the status of their files, and thus be able to process their complaints for breach of competence of the Technical Secretariat for Claims Resolution.

The implementation of the interoperable system will come into effect in November 2022. Subsequently, an instruction manual will be issued, as well as an operation manual for its implementation. This initiative is part of the set of measures devised for the redesign of the attention of the claims of the users in second instance; that is to say, before the Trasu del Osiptel.


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