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Confidence shock and quality employment for 2022

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Restore business confidence

Jorge Zapata, Capeco

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Construction has always been a key sector in the economic recovery. In Peru it is essential to continue betting on its growth, since it creates many jobs.

2021 was a positive year with an estimated growth of 35% compared to 2020. However, 2020 is not a good benchmark, and the stimuli given by the government construction must be at some point accompanied by private investment; and that is the main concern for our industry. Private investments have not had encouraging numbers. If this situation is not corrected, it is vital that the Government buy into the lawsuit of working decisively to restore the confidence of the business community and investors.


Restoring labor rights

Julio Bazán, CUT

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All the fundamental rights that today in the legislation that dragged on from the year 1992 have been taken away from us must be restored. Collective bargaining by branch of activity should be reestablished and outsourcing mechanisms should be definitively closed. And it must be in accordance with the international conventions of the ILO assumed by the Ministry of Labor.

We need a democratic reform that restores rights. We aspire that this 2022, both by the Executive and from the Congress, implement a comprehensive reform of social security that integrates health benefits, pensions, accident, unemployment, in a single entity that manages social security funds tripartite between the Government, workers and employers.


That there is a salary improvement

Paulina Velásquez, Fentagro

This year the agricultural companies have done very well because we – despite the pandemic – have continued working; however, the salary has not improved. We thought that with the Government there would be a weighty increase, but it did not happen and only the beta bond came out, in which we are not included.

We are coordinating with the other workers to see if with this new Government we can improve the situation of the workers. There is still abuse of the companies, for example, of the workers who have been in the agricultural strike, many no longer returned to work; workers have the right to complain. We hope that 2022 will be a good year, that it improves.


There is caution for next year

Erik Fischer, ADEX

Peru is a patient with a reserved prognosis. Do not value the existing wealth, do not take countercyclical measures and do not promote more sectors that guarantee the sustained growth of the economy it would set up a perfect storm that could put us in check in the future.

Although in 2021 Peruvian shipments abroad could exceed US $ 54,000 million, it is important to promote medium and long-term investments in order to guarantee the sustained development of the country.

We are cautious about the behavior of exports in the coming years, because beyond intentions we do not see concrete measures that aim to create an ecosystem that encourages the arrival of capital.


We want a law that is enforced

Leddy Mozombite, domestic worker

From our federation we have been making a lot of persistence thanks to the organizational strength of our 11 bases at the national level. What we want to say is that we have entered another stage, we do not want a dead law, we want a law that is implemented, we want a law that is applied.

We would like to tell the ministers that they initiate a dissemination, awareness-raising campaign to recognize that the Law 31047 It has made us workers with all rights.

We ask the president to issue public policy directives to campaign at the national level for our law to be enforced in all regions.


Confidence shock

Oscar Caipo, Confiep

Apart from vaccination, the balance for 2021 is negative. We have an erratic government, which does not generate trust and with questions of integrity. We will grow 13%, but employment has become precarious, informality increased to 78% and the average income is 14% lower.

The president has the opportunity to correct the course, generating a confidence shock. I would add to this if he promulgates the modification of the Law on Citizen Participation and Control Rights, which confirms that the only way to modify the Constitution is through its mechanisms. This will give a strong message that will allow companies and individuals to make investment decisions that will generate formal jobs, sustainable growth and resources to close social gaps.


Clear path to competitiveness

Gabriel Amaro, AGAP

2021 leaves more doubts than certainties for the agricultural sector. Given the difficult context, the main challenge is to be competitive. Only then will the future of agriculture be promising. But competitiveness is not achieved with speeches and acts contrary to investment, it needs a clear path towards competitive development, which has dialogue and public-private work as a starting point.

The development of small producers to modern export agriculture and regulatory improvement, which affects the entire agricultural sector, making it a promoter, eliminating cost overruns and risks, are essential. For this, it is essential that the Government is aligned with the development and competitiveness of the sector. That is the correct route to take.


Reactivate oil activity

Leonidas Campos, Fenupetrol

In Talara Licensing contracts for most lots are expiring for 30 years and that has led to hundreds of layoffs.

We want there to be intervention by the State, to see what position it is going to take and if it is capable of recovering oil lots, and with what percentage of money it will be able to reactivate the activity.

We are concerned if Perupetro It has a role in the issue of calling for private investment, I do not know what is the reason that an immediate intervention is not made, we want them to tell us what is going to happen with the oil blocks.

The economic activity of our province is developed through oil. That involves 18,000 workers, and 90% are outsourced.


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