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Find out what are the effects of the increase in ITU for 2022

The value of the Tax Tax Unit (UIT) by 2022 it increased its value by S / 200. It increased from S / 4,400 to S / 4,600. This is the largest increase since 1999, where it rose by the same amount (from S / 2,600 to S / 2,800).

This change was published today in the official newspaper El Peruano through Supreme Decree No. 398-2021-EF. But do you know what the effects of this increase for families and businesses? To know this and more answers, the professor of Pacífico Business School, Jorge Carrillo Acosta, responds five questions about ITU.

1. What is the ITU?

The Tax Tax Unit (UIT) is a referential value that has, mainly, three uses: calculate taxes, calculate fines and also serves as a parameter for other tax, labor and legal issues (such as the Mivivienda Fund subsidy, sales cap to be considered Mype, etc.).


2. Who determines its value?

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) is the authority that establishes the amount of the UIT, which governs for an entire calendar year (from January 1 to December 31).

Its value is calculated according to a series of macroeconomic elements, mainly, inflation, so it usually goes up every year.

3. How much did ITU grow by 2022?

For the next 2022, the increase is S / 200, higher than the increases of S / 100 that occurred in the years 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020 and 2021. Even, in 2019, it only rose S / 50. This elevation is the highest since 1999, when it increased by the same amount (from S / 2,600 to S / 2,800).

4. What is the impact of this increase on the family economy?

The increase of the ITU has diverse effects on personal and family finances of Peruvians:

Payroll workers (formal dependents) will pay less income tax on their salaries, so they will have more money in their pocket.

For example:

For a monthly gross salary of S / 3,000, the annual income tax savings will be S / 112. For a monthly gross salary of S / 5,000, the annual income tax savings will be S / 256 and for a Monthly gross salary of S / 10,000, the annual income tax savings will be S / 416.

  • What’s more, raise the monthly gross salary limit (on the payroll) to avoid paying income tax, which in 2021 is S / 2,200 and for 2022 it will be S / 2,300. In the case of independent workers who issue receipts for fees, the maximum monthly issuance amount for not pay taxes It increases from S / 3,208 to S / 3,354.
  • The limit of personal expenses to request Refund of earned income tax (4th and 5th category), which is 3 UIT, increases from S / 13,200 to S / 13,800. In addition, a greater subsidy will be obtained for the Mivivienda Credit, called the Good Payer Bonus, and less property and alcabala tax will be paid, since the tranches are based on the UIT.
  • However, the cost of legal proceedings and other procedures before the State rises. In addition, the value of administrative fines is increased.


5. What will be the impact for the mypes?

First of all, the sales cap to be considered microenterprise It is 150 UIT, so this value rises from S / 660,000 to S / 690,000. The same happens with the small company, whose maximum income limit is 1,700 UIT, increasing its value from S / 7 million 480,000 to S / 7 million 820,000.

Also, in the Mype Tax Regime, the Income Tax rate is 10% for the first 15 UIT and 29.5% above this amount. Therefore, with the increase of S / 200 to the ITU, the companies that are in this regime they will save about S / 585 in taxes per year.

It should be noted that the negative side’ of the increase in ITU is that it will generate a reduction of tax collectionTherefore, the Government will have fewer resources to be able to carry out works and reactivate the economy. However, this reduction will not be significant.


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