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Some 4,000 companies will pay less taxes

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The Executive Power yesterday approved in the Council of Ministers six legislative decrees in tax matter. This as part of the delegation of powers granted by Congress.

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Within these measures, which would be made official today in the official newspaper El Peruano, They highlight the tax benefits that will be given to companies in the aquaculture, forestry and wildlife sectors, with the intention that these industries can expand.

In detail, companies in these areas that have net income of up to S / 7 million 480,000 (1,700 UIT) will pay from January 1, 2022 an Income Tax (IR) rate of 15% until 2030, that is that is, half of what they contributed this year. After this period, they will have a general regime rate (30%).

Meanwhile, for those large companies in these industries that exceed S / 7 million 480,000, a progressive rate will be applied that ranges from 15% to 25% between 2022 and 2027. In this way, as of 2028 they will pay a rate 30%.

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Likewise, all contributors They will be able to access an annual depreciation of 20% until 2025.

In this regard, the Vice Minister of Economy, Alex Contreras, mentioned that 4,000 companies will benefit from these tax incentives, which aim to promote these sectors.

“With these exemptions they are going to encourage private investment. We have done some simulations on the side of the impact that reinvestment has and it is an important factor ”, he explained.

The IR law on presumed net income from Peruvian sources received by fishing vessels not domiciled in our country was also modified.

A) Yes, a presumed income equal to 9% of gross income would be applied. In this way, the effective rate is reduced from 30% to 2.7% of gross income, which encourages these foreign companies to sell their products, mainly, to local canning companies for marketing in the local market. at lower prices.

Municipal taxation

Similarly, the Executive modified the municipal tax law, and the law on urban facilities and buildings.

In detail, the Property Tax and / or Municipal Excise Tax may be increased when the work conformity and building declaration is submitted. A) Yes, the municipalities may demand payment at the end of the term of the license or the term of its extension.

Also, it will no longer be paid vehicle equity tax in case of theft or total loss of the vehicle. Tugboats (tractors) will also be incorporated to pay taxes.

All these measures would generate an additional income of S / 100 million at the end of 2021, according to MEF calculations.

Tax benefits approved by the Executive


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