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Mónica Sánchez: “It is a mockery and shows a lack of leadership that the governor of La Libertad asks for the return of Chavimochic”

At the request of the regional governor Manuel Llempén Coronel that the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri) can return the grantor of the III Stage of the Chavimochic Project, for the former vice president of the Regional Government of La Libertad, Mónica Sánchez, it has been five years of waste of time. He considers it regrettable that the Chavimochic works could not be unlocked and that leadership has been lacking and affirms that today the governor’s request is a mockery.

We take the information with great indignation and unusual. We regret, as liberteños, that after five years the works of Chavimochic remain paralyzed, when we in the management left signed the contract for this III Stage in May 2014 and it was in 2016 when the Regional Government did not comply with deliver the cleared land to the concessionaire and years have passed and the unlocking of these works has not been achieved“Monica Sánchez told Réplica Noticias.

“Five years have passed without solving this problem, three and a half years in the hands of the Regional Government of La Libertad, without having a firm political decision to solve the unlocking and, then, since July last year, it is in the Ministry of Agriculture without seeing a possible political solution either, “he added.

Regarding Manuel Llempén’s request for the grantor of the works to be returned to the region and the Palo Redondo dam can be completed, which is 70% complete, he indicated that leadership has been lacking.

“They had three and a half years to solve this problem and at this point request the return of the grantor again, This is a rally and it deceives boys, it is a mockery and shows lack of leadership of the governor of La Libertad. An attitude is needed to summon all current political leaders of opinion in La Libertad and to make a single force and demand the unlocking of the Chavimochic project, ”said Sánchez.

Work stoppage

This megaproject has been paralyzed since December 9, 2016 to date, and has nothing to do, on a specific basis, with findings of corruption by Odebrecht. The problem is that nobody wants to sit down to negotiate after clarifying in arbitration after they did not comply with part of the agreements signed in the contract.

It all dates back to 2016, when a controversy arose over the release of “interference,” in which Odebrecht argued that this release was up to Chavimochic; However, the Regional Government of La Libertad (GORE), in safeguarding the interests of the State, and without being expressly regulated in the concession contract, did not accept at its own cost to release these “interferences”.


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