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Las Bambas 48 hours away for key meeting in Chumbivilcas

The Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) informed through a press release that the coordination of the meeting called on December 30 to continue the dialogue with the peasant communities of Chumbivilcas about their demands against the Las Bambas mining company is being carried out. Coordinations are in charge of advanced teams of the PCM.

“After the agreement on December 21, between representatives of the Executive, the Regional Government of Cusco, the Chumbivilcas communities and the Las Bambas mining company, the technical work of the PCM has continued permanently. In this sense, various coordinations have been carried out with local actors to collect information and systematize it, ”the document states.


In addition, they report that intersectoral coordination will be permanent at the level of vice ministers, especially in the sectors of Economy and Finance, Energy and Mines, Agrarian Development and Irrigation, Housing, Construction and Sanitation, among other sectors such as the Special Legacy Project.

48 hours for the meeting

As recalled on December 21, the Prime Minister, Mirtha Vásquez, and several ministers confirmed their presence at the meetings next Thursday 30 in the dialogue with the Chumbivilcas communities, local authorities, civil society organizations, and the Las Bambas company, in order to comprehensively address the demands of these communities regarding mining activities in that area of ​​the country.

Also, last Wednesday, December 23 they lifted the blocking of access to the mining corridor as a sign of their openness to dialogue to solve the problem through a sincere and unconditional dialogue.


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