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Banco de la Nación: this is how you can get its three credit cards WITHOUT membership

He National bank has introduced into the market Credit cards with no annual membership fees. Currently, it offers three options: the Classic card, ideal for daily transactions and for those who want to start their credit history; the Gold card, aimed at users with greater financial demands, and the Platinum card, which offers exclusive benefits and a larger credit line.

The elimination of the annual membership fee is one of the main competitive advantages of these cards. In addition, they stand out for offering an easy application process that can be completed in just two steps. In the following sections, we will explore in detail the requirements to access these cards, their features, and how to apply for them.

What are the requirements to apply for a Banco de la Nación credit card?

To apply for any of the Banco de la Nación credit cards, it is necessary to meet certain basic requirements that guarantee the applicant’s eligibility. The first requirement is to have a National identity document (DNI) or a valid foreigner’s card. In addition, it is essential to have an active MultiRed Debit Card to start the credit evaluation process.

Credit assessment is a fundamental step to determine the applicant’s financial profile and assign an appropriate credit limit. This assessment is carried out at Banco de la Nación branches or through the bank’s WhatsApp service.

Banco de la Nación: these are the credit cards without membership

The National Bank offers three types of Credit cardseach designed to meet different needs and credit profiles. The Classic card is ideal for those who want to start their credit history or make daily transactions without complications. This card provides the basic functionalities necessary to manage purchases and cash withdrawals efficiently.

On the other hand, the Gold card is aimed at users with higher financial demands. This card includes additional benefits such as insurance and rewards programs, which add value to the user experience.

The Platinum card, the highest category, offers a larger credit line and exclusive benefits. The assigned credit amounts can reach up to S/50,000, depending on the applicant’s profile, making it an attractive option for users with greater financial needs.

What are the advantages of these membership-free cards?

Banco de la Nación credit cards stand out for their multiple benefits, with the absence of an annual membership fee being one of the most important. This feature significantly reduces costs for users, making these cards an affordable and accessible option. In addition, they allow purchases to be made in millions of establishments and online, offering flexibility and convenience.

Another notable advantage is the possibility of withdrawing cash at the bank’s channels and at ATMs network affiliates Mastercardboth in Peru and abroad. Users can also access exclusive promotions and discounts. Additionally, up to four additional cards can be requested free of charge, allowing the benefits to be shared with family members or loved ones.

These cards also offer a credit line of up to S/50,000 and allow cash withdrawals of up to 100% of said line. Revolving credit options for purchases and cash withdrawals are other benefits that make these cards an attractive and versatile option.

Credit card without membership: this is how you can apply for it

Apply for a credit card from National bank It is a simple process that can be completed in two steps. First, the applicant must go to a branch of the Banco de la Nación nearest to undergo a credit evaluation.

This assessment determines the applicant’s financial profile and the appropriate credit limit. Alternatively, interested parties can send a message to the bank’s WhatsApp with their ID number to check the availability of the credit product.

Once the credit evaluation is approved, the applicant will receive the selected credit card. The Classic and Gold cards are delivered immediately, while the Platinum card, due to its category and exclusive benefits, is delivered within 72 hours after approval.

What are the branches of the Banco de la Nación?

If you don’t know which Banco de la Nación branch is closest to your home, just click on this LINK, locate your district and the platform will show you the nearest branch.

Source: Larepublica

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