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Bonus and gratuity: what amount will be delivered first and what is the deposit deadline?

During the month of July, the country’s workers eagerly await the payment of their bonus and Christmas bonus. Although some people believe that they are the same economic benefit, the truth is that both have different concepts depending on the field in which the employee works.

The bonus and gratuity are deposited in July and December. While the bonus corresponds to an additional salary plus certain bonuses for private sector workers, the bonus is extra money intended for public sector employees. Knowing the specific dates and amounts helps Peruvians to better plan their finances.

2024 Bonus: Who is eligible to receive this benefit?

Gratification is a benefit to the private sector workers in PeruThis payment is made twice a year: in July, coinciding with the Fiestas Patrias, and in December, during Christmas. This extra money is equivalent to a full salary of the worker, plus additional bonuses, such as 9% of the contribution to the Social Security of Health (EsSalud) or 6.75% of a Health Provider Entity (EPS).

According to Álvaro Gálvez, manager of the Legal Center of the CCL, the bonus for Fiestas Patrias is received by private sector workers with permanent, fixed-term and part-time contracts; as well as those of small businesses after they have registered with Remype, but they will have access to half of this benefit. Those who have not worked the entire semester will have access to a bonus equivalent to one sixth of their salary for each month of work.

It is estimated that there are more than 4 million workers on the payroll who will benefit from the deposit of the bonus for Fiestas Patrias and the total payment amount would be approximately S/10,000 million.

What is the amount to be paid for the Fiestas Patrias bonus?

The Christmas bonus is an economic benefit granted to public sector workers in Peru. This payment is also made twice a year: July and December. The amount of the Christmas bonus amounts to S/300 for each period and is carried out in recognition of the National Holidays and Christmas celebrations.

The public budget law for fiscal year 2024 provides for the payment of bonuses to state employees and officials. In this sense, this extra money will be deposited in the July payroll of the following beneficiaries:

  1. Officials, employees appointed and contracted under the labor regime of Legislative Decree No. 276, Law No. 2944 and Law No. 30512
  2. University teachers under Law No. 30220.
  3. Health personnel under Legislative Decree No. 1153; permanent and temporary workers in the public sector.
  4. Personnel of the Armed Forces and the National Police of Peru.
  5. Pensioners covered by the regimes of Laws No. 15117 and 28091, Supreme Decree No. 051-88-PCM, as well as Decree Laws No. 19846 and 20530.
  6. Workers hired under the CAS labor regime (Legislative Decree No. 1057).

Bonus and gratuity: what amount will be delivered first and what is the deadline?

According to article 5 of Law No. 27735, private sector companies must deposit the bonus to their workers until July 15 of this year. In the case of employees working under the public regime, They will later receive the Christmas bonus for the National Holidaysas it will be paid on this month’s payroll.

This last benefit is not subject to contributions or discounts of any kind, except for those other discounts established by law or authorized by the worker. Finally, those entities that do not make the payment on time could receive a fine of more than S/120,000, depending on the labor regime and the number of affected workers.

What is the difference between a gratuity and a Christmas bonus?

Both the bonus and the Christmas bonus are economic benefits for workers. However, in the case of the former, it is only received by private sector employees who are on the payroll during July and December. This represents a full remuneration in addition to their salary, as long as they have worked from January to June.

On the other hand, the bonus is given to public sector workers and ONP pensioners, which is equivalent to an extra S/300.

Who will not receive the bonus?

According to Jorge Carrillo, professor and finance expert at Pacífico Business School, these are the workers who will not receive the bonus:

  • Small business workers receive half of this benefit.
  • Public sector workers receive a “bonus” instead of a bonus, the amount of which is S/300 (determined by the MEF).
  • Interns and young people in vocational training receive half the financial subsidy after completing 6 months, which does not necessarily occur in July and December.
  • Micro-enterprise workers, independent contractors and informal workers do not receive any bonuses.

Source: Larepublica

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