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Exchange rate: dollar closes higher today, Monday, June 24, with S/3.8110

Exchange rate: dollar closes higher today, Monday, June 24, with S/3.8110

The exchange rate closed today with S/3.8110, 0.24% more than the last day, where it targeted S/3.8020, according to the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP).

In the parallel market, the greenback is now at S/3,790 for purchase and S/3,810 for sale; while in the banking market, it is at S/3,765 and S/3,853 for purchase and sale, respectively.

During the day, the market pushed upwards due to offshore demand, continuing this trend to the close. US$175 million dollars were traded in the market at an average price of S/3.8004. In addition, The BCRP intervened by placing an exchange swap sale for S/300 million at an average rate of 5.63%reported Fabiola Gutiérrez, Foreign Exchange Trader at Renta4 SAB.

On the other hand, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Mary Daly, declared that they are still monitoring the variation in price levels, waiting for them to stabilize within the target range. Along these lines, they are expectant of the labor market data since they could face a greater impact on the number of unemployed if inflation persists. This week we have relevant data such as the consumer confidence indicator for June, as well as the US GDP for the first quarter.

So far this year, the dollar has accumulated a variation of 2.81% and in interannual terms, of 4.81%, according to the BCRP.

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