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Minister of Economy José Arista: “we maintain our growth projection of 3.2% for this year”

Minister of Economy José Arista: “we maintain our growth projection of 3.2% for this year”

The Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF), José Arista Arbildo, mentioned that it remains optimal in terms of the growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), aiming to grow more than 3.2% in the coming months.

“The second semester is going well, we believe that the fundamentals that maintain this growth The 5.3% seen in April will be maintained throughout the year. We conservatively still maintain our projection of growth 3.2% for this year, but I am almost sure that this figure will be much better,” he mentioned to TV Perú.

José Arista: “We have to invest more from human and physical capital”

Arista Arbildo He stated that the only way to get out of poverty is to invest. The only way to develop a country is with investment, but not only physically, but also by investing in human capital,” he indicated. This is due to the high rates of anemia that are registered in different regions of Peru. “With this problem , we are not betting correctly on the future,” he stated.

Chancay Megaport: “It will be the navel of all exports”

Regarding the current megaport built in Chancay, José Arista pointed out that this area will be the navel of all Latin American exports. “Chancay, due to its geographical location, is going to be the navel of all exports made from Latin America to Asia. Latin America exports approximately 28% of its production, we as a country export 38%.”

It is intended that Chancay not only be a port but a special economic zone

Along these lines, the owner of the MEF, Arista Arbildo, said that work is being done to make Chancay not just a port but a special economic zone. “We are working with Congress to make it a special economic zone, that is, where, for example, equipment and machinery from all over the world can come, temporarily establish themselves in Chancay, set up their production and from there it goes to the entire American continent, that is That is, we want to make Chancay the Jat of Latin America,” he stated.

It would be a scam for the taxpayer to give their taxes to PetroPerú

When asked about providing economic liquidity to PetroPeru, Arista described it as a scam for the taxpayer to send their taxes to give them to that public company. “It would practically be a scam for the taxpayer to take the resources that he pays with his taxes to have more schools and medical clinics, take those resources and give them to PetroPerú, that is not going to happen under my administration,” he emphasized.

Source: Larepublica

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