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LINK Fonavi 2024 to see if I am a beneficiary in the last weeks of June

LINK Fonavi 2024 to see if I am a beneficiary in the last weeks of June

In the last weeks of June, many pensioners of the Fonavi They eagerly await the return of the funds contributed over the years. The Administrative Resolution that approves the payment to the First Group of Refunds of the National Register of Fonavistas Beneficiaries of the First to Nineteenth Payment Group was published in the official newspaper El Peruano and since April they have been receiving their payments in the National bank.

Now we are waiting for the payment to be initiated to the group of Refund 2 and list 21. Below, we tell you how to check if you are on the refund group 1 registry so that you can get closer to collecting your money in June.

Fonavi: check if you are part of the Reintegration 1 group and collect in June

To find out if you are part of the first Reintegration 1 group and can collect in June, follow these steps.

  • First, go to the official Fonavi website.
  • Once inside, select option number 4, which indicates “Check HERE if you are part of the First Group, Reimbursement – April 2024”.
  • Then, choose the type of document you have from the available options, such as DNI, Voter’s Book, Police or Armed Forces card, and Immigration card.
  • If you use your DNI, select that option and enter your document number.
  • Next, enter the security code and click ‘Consult’.

This simple and direct procedure allows former taxpayers to verify their inclusion in the group of Refund 1, thus facilitating the collection process. It is important to have all the required documentation on hand to avoid inconveniences at the time of the consultation and collection of funds.

What is Refund group 1?

Fonavi Reimbursement Group 1 is made up of those former taxpayers who have already received an advance on their contributions and are 80 years old or older as of March 2024. These beneficiaries belong to lists 1 to 19 and have been given priority due to at his advanced age.

The Ad Hoc Commission, responsible for managing the refund process, has worked diligently to ensure that these funds are distributed in a fair and timely manner.

Fonavi refund: how much will the Reimbursement group 1 receive at most?

The amount that Fonavistas in Reintegration Group 1 will receive varies depending on the amount and period of their contributions to Fonavi. Unlike the beneficiaries of list 20, who received up to S/6,681, this group does not have a maximum limit on their payments.

It is important to highlight that a mandatory minimum of S/40 is established to ensure equitable payment. This measure seeks that all beneficiaries receive an amount that adequately recognizes their contributions to the fund, regardless of the total amount accumulated.

Differences between Reimbursement group 1 and list 21

The main difference between Reimbursement group 1 and list 21 lies in the inclusion criteria and payment status. While Refund group 1 includes former taxpayers who have already received an advance and are 80 years old or older, list 21 groups those who have verified their contributions but have not yet received any payment from the fund.

According to Jorge Milla, Fonavi spokesperson, progress is being made in preparing this list in collaboration with the Technical Secretariat and the Ad Hoc Commission, with the expectation that it will be available for publication in the coming months.

Source: Larepublica

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