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Learn about the 5 requirements to access a mortgage loan from Banco de la Nación TODAY

Learn about the 5 requirements to access a mortgage loan from Banco de la Nación TODAY

Currently, it is evident that a growing number of citizens aspire to undertake business or other activities, with the aim of obtaining significant income. To achieve this purpose, many choose to go to banking entities in order to request a loan. In this context, Banco de la Nación stands out for offering this operation with the purpose of providing support to the population that needs it.

It is important to highlight that access to financing is essential for the economic and social development of a country, since it allows entrepreneurs to materialize their projects and contribute to the growth of the economy. Therefore, in this note you will know what the requirements are so that you can access a mortgage loan.

Mortgage loans from Banco de la Nación

The mortgage loans of the National bank They offer applicants three different modalities: the acquisition of housing, improvements or expansion of their own home and the transfer of mortgage debt. Cecilia Arias, Product and Financial Inclusion Manager of the National bank, was in charge of detailing this information. It is essential to highlight that these alternatives provide beneficiaries with the opportunity to obtain decent housing and improve their living conditions through appropriate and accessible financing.

For this reason, the loans have interest rates according to the situation for which they are requested: between 7.25% and 8.25% is for those who wish to buy a home. Meanwhile, for those who want to improve or expand a house, the rates range between 7.45% and 7.65%.

Banco de la Nación, what are the 5 requirements to access a mortgage loan?

For this year, the National bank It focuses on providing an average of 1,600 mortgage loans, as detailed by the Product and Financial Inclusion Manager of the aforementioned entity, Cecilia Arias, to Andina.”

For this, the following requirements are considered:

  • Be an appointed public worker, with an indefinite-term contract or a pensioner with a savings account at the Banco de la Nación.
  • Have one year of work experience.
  • Have monthly income greater than S/800.
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 74.
  • Qualify as “normal” in the financial system (both the credit holder and his or her spouse).

What function does the Banco de la Nación fulfill?

He National bank (BN) is a public financial institution, belonging to the Economy and Finance Sector, which has special powers granted by the State to carry out its operations. This entity operates independently in the economic, financial and administrative spheres, which allows it to play a fundamental role in the national financial system.

Its main function is promote the economic and social development of the country through the provision of banking and financial services to the general population. Thanks to its autonomy, the Banco de la Nación can make strategic decisions that contribute to the strengthening of the national economy and the well-being of its citizens.

Source: Larepublica

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