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EsSalud 2024 breastfeeding bonus: how much does the pregnant woman receive if the birth is multiple?

EsSalud 2024 breastfeeding bonus: how much does the pregnant woman receive if the birth is multiple?

This 2024, EsSalud has renewed its commitment to insured mothers by offering the breastfeeding bonus, financial aid aimed at alleviating the costs involved in breastfeeding. birth of a baby. This subsidy is given to mothers to compensate for the time they cannot dedicate to work due to caring for their newborn child. This benefit is an example of the state’s support for families at a crucial stage of their lives.

To access this benefit, certain requirements must be met. The baby must be the child of an insured EsSalud holder, and the mother, if she is not a holder, must be registered in the Social Security. In addition, it is necessary to have a history of contributions of three consecutive or four non-consecutive months in the six months prior to delivery. Agricultural insured women have slightly different requirements, and must have three consecutive months of contributions or four non-consecutive months in the last twelve months before the start of pregnancy. It is also essential to maintain an employment relationship at the time of birth and for the baby to be registered as the insured’s successor. In the event of the death of the baby, a posthumous registration must be made.

Breastfeeding bonus 2024: how much should I receive if my birth is multiple?

He EsSalud breastfeeding voucher It is S/820 for each baby born. However, in the case of multiple births, this amount is doubled or tripled, depending on the number of babies born. That is, if a mother has twins, she will receive S/1,640, and if she has triplets, the amount will increase proportionally. This approach ensures that each baby born receives the corresponding financial support, reflecting EsSalud’s commitment to guaranteeing the well-being of all family members, especially in situations that demand greater economic and logistical resources.

How to obtain a voucher and process a breastfeeding voucher?

To request this bonus, mothers must download and fill out form No. 1040 available on the official EsSalud website. Then, they must go to one of the social security agencies or offices with their identification document. Once the process is completed, they can go to the authorized banks to collect the benefit. This subsidy can be requested within 98 days plus six months after the baby’s date of birth, offering considerable margin for its management.

In summary, the EsSalud breastfeeding bonus for 2024 represents important financial aid for Peruvian mothers, especially in cases of multiple births. With an inclusive approach and constant support, EsSalud seeks to alleviate the economic burden that comes with the birth of one or more babies, thus ensuring a more stable and secure start for beneficiary families.

Essalud 2024: how to request the breastfeeding bonus?

  • You must download and fill out form No. 1040, click here.
  • Locate one of the social security agencies and offices, click here.
  • Don’t forget to bring your ID.

After completing the process within the offices of EsSalud, you can go to authorized banks and collect the benefit. Likewise, it should be taken into account that this subsidy can be requested within 98 days plus 6 months after your baby’s date of birth.

To consider

  • If a third party submits the request, to collect the voucher you only need a copy of the third party’s DNI, the original DNI and a simple power of attorney letter to process the application.
  • If the nursing mother is a minor and single, without a title that authorizes her to practice a profession or trade, the benefit will be paid through her father or guardian, for which she must present a copy and show the original of the document that accredits her as such.
  • If the mother of the infant has died, the mother’s original death certificate and a document proving guardianship of the child and abandonment of the minor, in the case of the father or guardian, are required.

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