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FAE Mype: You can also access the program with a sworn statement

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), Roberto Sanchez, confirmed that his portfolio is preparing a new regulation for micro and small businesses (mypes) in the tourism sector to access FAE-MYPE credits through only an affidavit without having to present RUC. This was announced since the inauguration of the VIII Gastronomic Festival of Chancho al palo Huaral 2021.

“Having a RUC means pending and commitments with the financial system.” In the same way I assure that in an emergency situation businessmen would not be able to access financing, so he announced that “this sworn statement with a business plan for the FAE MYPE is intended to contribute 60 million soles this year”, he indicated.

The flexibility of the requirements to access credits for the mypes is part of the Emergency Decree No. 091-2021. This decree would make it possible to offer massive and direct support to small entrepreneurs within the framework of the economic reactivation of the tourism sector.

“80% is informal economy,” said the head of the Mincetur. In this context, the minister assured that formalization is a great challenge for tourism entrepreneurs. Therefore, an affidavit would make it easier for MSEs to access FAE-MYPE credits.

“We are aligning ourselves with the municipal savings banks rather than the financial system it serves. We want to work with rural savings banks with cooperatives. If we want to reactivate companies, we have to trust and have the ability to reactivate ”, he indicated.

When asked about whether to deliver credits only through an affidavit, it encourages informality, diversion of funds and other normalization problems; Minister Sanchez affirmed that there will be a technical team that will be evaluating and assisting the MSEs that access these benefits and that the Development Bank of Peru (Cofide) will be the entity that will evaluate these loans.

“The grace period has been extended, the interests are minimal and we are not just delivering. We are also accompanying. Going to meet the communities, assist them in this reactivating accompaniment of the micro-enterprises in the sector ”, indicated the minister.

Finally, the head of the Mincetur assured that the new Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) will be announced shortly. He stressed that it will be a woman.

“It is pending. It will be a great contribution from a very studious and well-established woman. A leader, researcher with more than 15 publications on gastronomy in our country. Country brand ambassador ”, announced Minister Roberto Sanchez.


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