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Did you not submit your AFP RETIREMENT application on time? Follow these steps to request up to 4 UIT TODAY according to your DNI

Did you not submit your AFP RETIREMENT application on time? Follow these steps to request up to 4 UIT TODAY according to your DNI

He withdrawal of AFP funds It is a crucial process for many citizens seeking to access their pension savings. With the applications already underway, some still do not know the criteria established by the AFP, which consists of Applications will be submitted according to the last digit of the DNI, which can cause confusion. If you were not able to register your AFP withdrawal request on the corresponding dates, there are still alternatives to carry out this procedure and ensure access to your funds. Below, we explain in detail what steps to follow to obtain up to 4 UIT from your pension fund account.

The Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS) established a schedule that organizes the application dates according to the last digit of the ID of the affiliates. This measure seeks to speed up the process and avoid crowds. But what happens if you miss the assigned date? Not everything is lost. The AFP They have provided a grace period for those who could not register on time.

This you should do if you did not submit your withdrawal request on time, according to the last digit of your ID

If you were unable to submit your application AFP withdrawal on the corresponding date according to the schedule, the first thing you need to do is check additional dates assigned for stragglersnamed as FREE. Each group is assigned three different dates based on the last digit from his ID, which allows you to have several opportunities to make the request. The term FREE comprises of July 2 to August 17, intended for those who could not do so on the initial dates.

Official schedule for AFP withdrawal requests: Source: La Rep├║blica

If I make my withdrawal request, when would I collect the first UIT?

Once the request has been made AFP withdrawal, Disbursements are made in four parts. The first disbursement, equivalent to one ITUis carried out within the 30 business days later to the request. The following deliveries They are done every 30 days. For example, if you register your request on May 30, you should receive the first disbursement on June 30, while the following ones would be scheduled for July 30, August 30 and September 30 respectively.

If my ID is expired, can I still apply?

Have the ID expired is not an impediment to making your request for AFP withdrawal. The AFP have implemented measures to accept applications from affiliates with ID expired, which does not change with respect to the regular process. This procedure guarantees that all members can access their funds regardless of the status of their identity document.

It is advisable to start the renewal process of the ID as soon as possible to avoid future complications. The renewal of ID can be done online through the platform of the Reniecwhich facilitates the process and reduces waiting times.

Source: Larepublica