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AFP Retirement 2024: what can I do if I did not send my application on the assigned date, according to my ID?

AFP Retirement 2024: what can I do if I did not send my application on the assigned date, according to my ID?

On May 20, the seventh withdrawal of funds from the Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) began, according to the last digit of the Peruvian DNI. More than 9 million members will be able to use part or all of their funds, with a maximum amount of 4 UIT, equivalent to S/20,600. However, concerns arise about what to do if the application is not submitted on the allotted date.

It is important to remember that the money withdrawn is intangible and cannot be retained by any financial institution, except in cases of food debts, a scenario in which the maximum discount allowed is 30% of the total amount. Below, we detail what to do if you do not submit your application on time and the documents necessary to carry out this process.

What happens if I do not submit my withdrawal request on the indicated date?

The AFP Association published a payment schedule based on the last digit of the DNI, which ends on July 1. This procedure will be ascending, that is, it will begin with the DNIs that end in 1 and will conclude with those that end in 0.

If you don’t submit your application on the indicated date, don’t worry. There will be an extraordinary phase from July 2 to August 17. During this period, you can register your request any day, regardless of the last digit of your ID.

The maximum period to request a withdrawal is 90 calendar days, so if you do not complete the procedure until August 17, you will not be able to withdraw the money. Take advantage of this opportunity and make sure you submit the application within the established deadline so as not to lose the benefit.

What is the AFP 2024 withdrawal schedule?

The AFP Association published a schedule to facilitate the withdrawal of funds, which begins on May 20 and ends on July 1. Below, we detail the dates assigned according to the last digit of the DNI:

  • DNI ends at 1:20, May 21 and June 18.
  • DNI ends at 2:22, May 23 and June 19.
  • DNI ends at 3:24, May 27 and June 20.
  • DNI ends at 4:28, May 29 and June 21.
  • DNI ends at 5:30, May 31 and June 24.
  • DNI ends at 6:3, June 4 and June 25.
  • DNI ends at 7:5, June 6 and June 26.
  • DNI ends at 8:10, June 11 and June 27.
  • DNI ends at 9:12, June 13 and June 28.
  • DNI ends in 0, letter or other: June 14, 17 and July 1.

This schedule allows the process to be better organized and avoid saturation in the application system.

AFP withdrawal: what documents must you present to release up to 4 UIT?

To register your disbursement request, you need to have certain documents and information on hand. Make sure you have the following:

  • National Identity Document (DNI).
  • Web key for your online banking and the password for your AFP.
  • Address, email and cell phone number.
  • Bank account number in an authorized entity, such as BanBif, Banco de Comercio, Banco Falabella, Banco GNB, Banco Ripley, BBVA, BCP, Caja Huancayo, Caja Sullana, Interbank, Scotiabank.

These documents are essential to carry out the process efficiently and without setbacks.

How to request AFP withdrawal: OFFICIAL LINK?

The AFP Association has provided an official link to enter your fund withdrawal request. Follow these steps to complete the process:

  1. Check the assigned date according to the last digit of your ID.
  2. Enter the application registration link:
  3. Fill out the form with your personal information, account number, telephone number, among others.
  4. Verify that all information is correct and proceed with your request.

This procedure will be carried out digitally, which speeds up the process and avoids long waits.

Source: Larepublica

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