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SIS: who can now collect funeral insurance at the Banco de la Nación offices?

SIS: who can now collect funeral insurance at the Banco de la Nación offices?

He Comprehensive Health Insurance (SIS) announced the list of people who are entitled to receive the funeral bonus corresponding to the Economic Burial Benefit (PES) program. The list includes all regions of Peru. Along these lines, it has been detailed that an average of S/6.5 million soles was disbursed to cover funeral insurance. Therefore, in this note you will know if you are the beneficiary of this economic amount so that you can go to the offices of Banco de la Nación.

This disbursement was authorized on April 30 through Chief Resolution No. 053-2024-SIS/J within the Official Gazette El Peruano.

SIS: who can now collect funeral insurance?

As detailed by the SIS, there are 6,677 people accredited to access this benefit. In Lima there are 1,288 citizens eligible to collect the PES. At the regional level, the number of beneficiaries is the following:

  • Piura: 551
  • Freedom: 534
  • Lambayeque: 434
  • Ancash: 366
  • Junin: 290
  • Punch: 290
  • Ayacucho: 277
  • Arequipa: 265
  • Huanuco: 244
  • Lima region: 202

How do I access the funeral voucher?

All those who are responsible for collecting the PES They must go to the windows of the Banco de la Nación and present their National Identification Document (ID) or immigration card (CE).

How do I know if I am on the list to collect the funeral bonus?

To find out if the bonus applies to you, you must find out virtually, through the following link, and fill out the required information. Likewise, if you want more information on this matter, call Toll-Free Line 113, dialing option 4. Another way to access more information is through WhatsApp SIS 941986682.

The insured can approach the SIS office to request more details.  Photo: SIS

The insured can approach the SIS office to request more details. Photo: SIS

What is the PES granted by the SIS?

The Economic Burial Benefit (PES) is a benefit that all those affiliated with the Comprehensive Health Insurance (SIS). This payment has the objective of contributing to the payments of the coffin, funeral chapel, shroud, transfer of the deceased insured to the cemetery or crematorium, in addition to the payment of the niche or cremation.

Likewise, the Insured’s Economic Benefit covers the payment of a death or stillbirth with more than 28 weeks of gestation (S/350) and a newborn up to 28 days old. On the other hand, for a minor from 29 days to 12 years of age (S/700), and from 12 to more (S/1,000).

In order to know if you are registered within the Comprehensive Health Insurance (SIS) system, follow the following instructions.

  • Enter the following link.
  • Then you must search by ‘personal data’ or ‘document type’.
  • In either option, fill in the requested information.
  • Complete the code they present to you: numbers or letters.
  • Then click ‘consult’. Ready!

To remember that there are five SIS insurance plans:

  • Free SIS: goes to people in poverty or extreme poverty, firefighters and other groups.
  • SIS for All: for those who do not have health insurance.
  • Independent SIS: aimed at citizens at a low cost.
  • SIS Microenterprises: covers microenterprise workers; To do this, the owner of the microbusiness must join.
  • SIS Entrepreneur: for independent workers in different trades.

Source: Larepublica

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