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Banco de la Nación buys your debts for up to S/50,000: how to access?

Banco de la Nación buys your debts for up to S/50,000: how to access?

In an effort to alleviate the financial burden of Peruvians, the Banco de la Nación has a loan program aimed at purchasing credit card debt. This initiative seeks to offer an effective solution for those who face multiple credit obligations and allows them to be unified into a single entity.

This program not only simplifies the management of personal finances, but also features a competitive interest rate of 11.48% TCEA. With a term of up to 60 months, beneficiaries can adjust their monthly payments at a pace that best suits their income and financial needs.

National bank: characteristics of the loan for debt purchase

The Banco de la Nación structured this loan with characteristics that make it especially attractive for public sector workers. Applicants can access an amount of up to S/50,000, which allows them to cover a wide range of previous debts, mainly credit cards.

In addition, the loan allows the qualification of clients with a credit history classified from “normal” to “potential problems”, according to the Risk Center of the Superintendence of Banking and Insurance (SBS). This opens the door for many workers to access and face their financial difficulties.

What are the REQUIREMENTS for the Banco de la Nación to buy your debt?

To access this benefit, interested parties must present their DNI or immigration card, in addition to the last payment receipt no more than four months old. It is crucial to have a MultiRed debit card of the Bank of the Nation. In the case of CAS workers who joined on 03/10/2021 onwards, they must demonstrate a minimum work experience of 13 months.

The applicant’s payment capacity will be evaluated based on the documentation provided, and it will be ensured that the loan payments are sustainable over time.

National bank: How to apply for a debt purchase loan?

The process to apply for this loan is direct and accessible. Interested parties should contact the nearest agency of the National bank during business hours with all required documents. Once the credit situation has been evaluated, the bank can approve and disburse the credit directly to the applicant’s savings account, thus beginning the debt consolidation process.

Advantages of the debt purchase loan

Adopting this loan not only facilitates debt management, but also reduces financial stress by providing fixed installments and the possibility of making advance payments, whether total or partial, thus adapting to future improvements in the financial situation of the beneficiary.

Agencies of the Banco de la Nación to request the loan

To know the agencies of the National bank available in national territory, follow these instructions:

  1. Enter the Banco de la Nación platform HERE
  2. Choose your department
  3. Select your province
  4. Check which one is closest to your area.
  5. In the case of Metropolitan Lima, you can access the following LINK.

Source: Larepublica

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