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Get loans from S/1,000 with your DNI as the main requirement: which banks offer them?

Get loans from S/1,000 with your DNI as the main requirement: which banks offer them?

In the competitive financial world, obtaining credit has become more accessible and simpler. With a simple identity document (DNI) As a main requirement, several banking entities are opening the doors to loans from S/1,000. This facility is a relief for those who need immediate liquidity without complicated procedures. But which banks are leading this trend?

Below, we show you some of the financial institutions that offer loans with DNI in the Peruvian market, and we provide a clear vision of the options available for those looking for agile and accessible financial solutions.

Which banks offer loans with DNI?

We detail some banks and municipal savings banks whose main requirement is to have an ID to access the loan; However, some also request extra documents such as payment slips. Keep in mind that all financial institutions can access your banking information if they require it.

  • BBVA: The online personal loan requires your DNI, without needing a guarantee, and can be paid in up to 60 months.
  • Sullana Box: Request DNI and your receipts for fees, and offer up to 30 days of grace period.
  • BCP: Online credit does not require further documentation, only your 6-digit internet password.
  • Alfin Our Bank: You only need your ID and receipt of services without the need for a guarantee.

What is the maximum amount that these banks and municipal savings banks lend?

We show you the amount that each bank or municipal fund provides so that you can organize your finances:

  • BBVA: The loan is a minimum of S/1,000 and the maximum is decided by the bank.
  • Sullana Box: The amount will depend on the municipal fund and based on your income.
  • BCP: The minimum credit will depend on the bank, but can reach up to S/350,000 without guarantees.
  • Finally our bank: The amount is from S/1,500 to S/40,000.

What should you take into account before applying for a loan?

The Superintendency of Banking and Insurance of Peru (SBS) points out that a loan provides you immediate access to an amount of money, either to buy a good or cover financial needs. Before applying for credit, consider the following:

  • Compare the interest rates of different entities to choose the most favorable one.
  • Make sure you understand the annual effective cost rate (ACER), which includes all additional credit charges.
  • Carefully review the documentation, such as the contract and summary sheet, available on the entities’ websites or branches, to understand all associated costs.

What are your rights if you have already acquired a loan?

The SBS emphasizes that, if there are changes to the contract, the financial institution must notify you 45 days in advance before applying them, such as increases in interest rates, commissions or expenses.

In addition, you can pay your debt early, either totally or partially, paying the interest accumulated until the payment date. The entity should not impose additional conditions that hinder the advance payment process or the cancellation of a contract.

Source: Larepublica

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