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The 4 Latin American countries that will grow the most economically in 2024, according to the IMF

The 4 Latin American countries that will grow the most economically in 2024, according to the IMF

The global economy was affected by the pandemic and is now trying to overcome it with a growth of 3.2% in 2024. For its part, Latin America projects an increase of 2% this year, a decrease unlike 2023, as indicated in the latest report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Despite this context, the financial organization highlights that four nations in the region face the global economic challenge with resilience and will have greater economic growth this year.

The IMF, in its research titled World economy perspectivesshows a positive perspective for the citizens of these Latin countries, which is based on a combination of internal factors and a regional strategy that seems to bear fruit at a crucial moment.

What will be the best 4 economies in Latin America in 2024, according to the IMF?

The most recent report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) highlights that Venezuela leads the most promising economies in Latin and South America, with a growth of 4%.

They are followed by Paraguay, with a growth of 3.8%; Uruguay, with 3.7%; and Peru, with 2.5%. Mexico, as a representative of North America, completes the group with an expected increase of 2.4%. These countries are seen as leaders in economic growth in the region and capture the attention of investors around the world.

What positions are the other Latin American countries in, according to the IMF?

The other South American countries that, to a lesser extent, will also have good economic projections are Brazil, which ranks sixth, with a projected rate of 2.2%and then Chile, which is positioned in seventh place, with an expected growth of 2%.

Bolivia is in eighth place, with an expected growth of 1.6%. In ninth place is Colombia, with a forecast increase of 1.1%. Finally, there is Ecuador with minimum growth of 0.1%.

World economy decreases: what are the reasons, according to IMF?

At a global level, the IMF warns of a general economic slowdown. Between now and 2029, global growth is expected to slow by just over 3%. According to United Nationswill also slow global growth and demographic pressures as major economies will have labor shortages.

However, there are various policies that could reactivate the economy in the medium term, for example, improving the allocation of capital and labor between companies.

World inflation: what are the projections for the coming years, according to the IMF?

He IMF points out that the priority is to reduce inflation and, although the trends are positive thanks to the fall in energy prices, the trend has stagnated. Geopolitical tensions have caused oil prices to rise, and trade restrictions on Chinese exports could fuel product inflation.

The financial organization also points out that, to avoid the permanent reappearance of inflation, it is necessary to continue strengthening monetary, fiscal and financial policy. To do this, the independence of central banks must be defended.

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