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Fonavi return, April 25: see if you are a beneficiary, key dates and how to collect at Banco de la Nación

Fonavi return, April 25: see if you are a beneficiary, key dates and how to collect at Banco de la Nación

The next payments of Fonavi They mark a crucial moment for many Peruvians. He National bank is preparing for a new wave of disbursements that begins this April 25, aimed mainly at Fonavistas from list 1 to 19 and those over 80 years of age. This process not only seeks to compensate those who contributed over the years, but also to guarantee a clear and transparent procedure for access to these funds.

This year several key dates stand out for the beneficiaries of the Fonavi, who have patiently waited for the return of their contributions. With funds ready to be delivered, it is essential to understand who is eligible for this round of payments and how they can proceed to receive their money without problems.

Fonavi: who are the beneficiaries of reimbursement group 1?

As of April 25, the payment of Fonavi reimbursement group 1 will begin, according to the Ad Hoc Commission. That is, those who are part of list 1 to 19 and who, as of March 2024, are 80 years old or older, and who at the time only received smaller amounts. They will now be able to receive the rest of their money through the Banco de la Nación.

Fonavi return: what are the key dates?

On April 25, the payment of reimbursement group 1 begins, and it is expected that reimbursement group 2 can begin to receive their money in June, according to what Jorge Milla, a member of the Ad Hoc Commission representing the National Federation Association of Fonavistas and Pensioners of Peru (Fenaf Perú), for La República.

Additionally, it is anticipated that the disbursement for list 21, that is, those Fonavistas who have not received any payment to date, could occur in the month of July. This means a significant period of activity for Fonavi this year.

Who makes up refund group 2?

Reimbursement group 2 will be made up of those beneficiaries who are also over 80 years of age and have died. Therefore, those who collect their contributions will be their children or spouses.

How much is the maximum payment that Fonavistas will receive?

Previously, the Fonavistas on list 20 received a maximum of S/6,681, but refund groups will not have this limit. “If the calculation is made with the information that comes from the employer or the Fonavista receipt and the result is a higher amount, that is what has to be paid,” Milla emphasizes.

Fonavi disbursement: how to collect at the Banco de la Nación?

In the next few days, the link will be enabled so that Fonavistas can confirm if they are part of reimbursement group 1. Once this information has been verified, you can approach the National bank. Beneficiaries must present their identification document and follow the protocols established by the bank.

It is recommended to verify the necessary documentation and opening hours through the official website.

Fonavi: what is known about list 21?

Regarding list 21, which will include new beneficiaries eligible for the refund, it is expected to be processed and payments will begin in July. This list is crucial, as it represents a significant group of Fonavistas who have been patiently waiting for the resolution of their cases.

Source: Larepublica

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