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Paseo Begonias and its new gastronomic boulevard: what restaurants does it have and what will its food hall be like?

Paseo Begonias and its new gastronomic boulevard: what restaurants does it have and what will its food hall be like?

San Isidro It has an innovative destination: Begonias Walk, a space that not only offers commercial stores, hotels and entertainment options, but also promises to be the center of attention for gourmets and enthusiasts of good experiences with its new gastronomic boulevard. This option will not only enrich the district’s culinary offering, but will also introduce the “food hall” concept whose hallmark will be culinary variety.

With a privileged location in the heart of Lima, Paseo Begonias has been designed to become a meeting point and provide facilities to all businessmen who work in the surroundings. Next, we detail what are the new features that its new gastronomic proposal will bring.

Where is Paseo Begonias located and what can you find in this place?

Paseo Begonias is located in the heart of San Isidro and covers Javier Prado, Rivera Navarrete, Juan de Arona and Begonias avenues in an area of ​​11,000 m².

In this area there are stores such as Falabella, Tottus, Ripley and Zara, hotels such as Westin, a variety of banking services and corporate buildings. It also has various restaurants, bars, beauty centers and pharmacies. All this will be enhanced with the new gastronomic boulevard that seeks to offer a wide variety of food.

Paseo Begonias: where is your new gastronomic boulevard located?

This new culinary option is located on block 4 of Las Begonias Street. Here, both residents and visitors will discover everything from traditional food stalls to innovative international proposals in a modern and welcoming atmosphere.

This space began to be built in mid-2022, currently it already has some open locations, but various locations continue to be implemented to expand the offer.

What restaurants or cafes does the gastronomic boulevard have?

The gastronomic boulevard of Paseo Begonias will have a variety of restaurants and cafes. To date it is already available Coffee Routine, which will open in 2023, the Delicass restaurant, and a healthy food establishment called OakBerry. The final objective is for the place to have five restaurants, 11 retail stores, as well as green areas, recreation areas and terraces that will extend over 8,000 square meters.

“We have a commercial passage that connects Paseo de la República with Begonias, where we are placing impulse retail and services to meet the needs that we have identified in office workers. For example, we are looking to put convenience stores, pharmacies, hairdressers, even laundromats; things that the office worker who works in the area has been asking us for,” explained José Carlos Leigh, business director of Urbanova for Perú Retail.

Gastronomic boulevard on Paseo Begonias: what is your Food Hall proposal about?

The Food Hall proposal on the gastronomic boulevard of Paseo Begonias will focus on offering a complete and accessible culinary experience. It is scheduled to open in the last quarter of 2024 and will be supervised by renowned international chef Michael Mina.

This space is designed to house a variety of culinary proposals under one roof, since the food hall will be located on the first level of the Plaza del Sol tower.

What type of food can be found in the Food Hall?

The Paseo Begonias Food Hall will offer a wide range of options. Visitors will be able to taste high-quality Nikkei food including burgers, pastas and a variety of drinks. The diversity of the offer ensures that each visit can be a new culinary adventure, ideal for lovers of new experiences and authentic flavors.

Source: Larepublica

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