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Yape: why don’t I hear the sound on my cell phone when they yape me?

Yape: why don’t I hear the sound on my cell phone when they yape me?

In an increasingly digitalized world, mobile payment solutions, such as Yape, They simplify our daily transactions. However, many users experience doubts about its operation, especially when the characteristic notification sound does not occur. In addition, recent updates have modified the limits of receiving money and generate new queries among users.

Yape, the popular mobile wallet of the Credit Bank of Peru (BCP), continues to evolve to meet the needs of its users. From interface changes to adjustments to transaction limits, each update seeks to improve the yapping experience, although occasionally inconveniences or questions arise that require clarification.

Why don’t I hear the Yape sound when they yape me?

A common concern among Yape users is the absence of the characteristic sound when receiving money. This may be due to various technical factors, such as device volume and sound settings.

The most important thing is to emphasize that if you have Android or iOS, These have Yape sound enabled. However, if your device is Huawei, Redmi or Honor, the sound may not play yet. Work is being done so that all models have this quality.

What is the new maximum amount to receive in Yape?

Since April 2024, Yape has established a new receipt limit of up to 5 monthly tax units (UIT), equivalent to S/25,750. For business or higher needs, Yape Empresa offers an extended limit of up to S/5 million, adjusting to the most demanding requirements of business users.

How to increase the amount of daily yapeos to S/950?

For users interested in maximizing their daily transaction capacity, Yape allows you to raise the limit up to S/950. This is achieved through an additional verification process in the app, which includes confirmation of personal data and, in some cases, linking additional BCP accounts.

What financial entities use Yape?

Yape works mainly with the support of the Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP), but its compatibility extends to various financial entities that recognize the efficiency and security of this mobile payment platform:

  • My bank
  • Huancayo Box
  • Ica Box
  • Piura Box
  • Sullana Box
  • Tacna Box
  • Trujillo Box
  • National bank

What is Yape and why does it work?

Yape serves as a digital wallet that allows monetary transactions to be carried out quickly and securely through mobile devices. It works by associating a telephone number with a BCP bank account, facilitating sending and receiving money, without the need for additional bank details.

What requirements are needed to create an account on Yape?

To start using Yape, users must meet basic requirements, such as having a phone number and a bank account at the BCP. In addition, it is necessary to download the mobile application and follow a registration process that includes identity verification using a DNI or immigration card, ensuring the legitimacy and security of each transaction made on the platform.

Source: Larepublica

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