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Natividad Consortium agrees to negotiate with the MTC: “Going to arbitration would be excessive”

Natividad Consortium agrees to negotiate with the MTC: “Going to arbitration would be excessive”

They will receive S/40 million from the State for works at the Chinchero Airport “to the extent that that money allows progress.” Dialogue will continue even though they do not rule out going to arbitration.

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The Natividad Consortium, in charge of executing the Chinchero International Airport – and which is made up of Hyundai Engineering & Construction (South Korea), Sinohydro Corporation (China), ICA Constructora (Mexico), and HV Contratistas (Peru) -, agreed to continue negotiations with the MTC so as not to interrupt the works.

During the decentralized session of the Transportation and Communications Commission that took place this Tuesday in Chinchero, Gerardo Pucciarello, general manager of Natividad, said they would go “to arbitration” because the additional costs required to comply with the construction of the terminal were not being recognized. ; However, shortly after the end of the table, Jae Kyoung Kim, director of the Natividad Consortium, acknowledged that negotiations with the MTC will continue.

“Likewise, we think that going to arbitration is excessive,” said the representative, who assured that the S/40 million would barely cover 3% of the total required.

The Natividad Consortium reported that the US$193 million they are asking for does not respond to an “advance” or “advance”, but to the need to update the prices for building the Airport in Chinchero.

“We agree with the 40 million soles and we will relaunch the work to the extent that the money allows progress; while we look for a definitive response to the conflict. It is 193 million dollars (…) the Natividad Consortium waived the update clause The historical figure in Peru was 2%, but in the last three years the inflation of the project is 27%,” noted Pucciarello.

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