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Yape charges a commission in this new service: how much is it and what operations does it apply to?

Yape charges a commission in this new service: how much is it and what operations does it apply to?

Yape, the popular digital payment application in our country, has an exclusive service for large companies that seeks to facilitate business management and have better control over sales. This new functionality designed to meet the needs of companies offers a free one-month trial for entrepreneurs to join until April 30 of this year.

After this period, there will be an automatic charge for joining and accessing its various benefits found within the same application. In addition, let us remember that the BCP digital wallet announced in December of last year that the maximum amount to receive yapeos will be 5 UIT (S/25,750) per month. Below, find out all the details about Yape Empresas and the cost of signing up for this service.

Yape charges a commission for new service: how much is it?

According to Yape’s website and its communications on social networks, this new functionality for companies is optional and has a collection service charge. This amount is 2.95% of the total sales of the day that are received by QR, contact and by new cell phone number. However, as a launch promotion, companies that join before April 30 of this year will be able to enjoy a one-month free trial.

“At the end of each month, you will receive a payment receipt to the email you registered in Yape with the total service charge made during the month. For example, if the day’s income amounts to S/1,000, the Yape company will charge It will be S/29.50 (2.95%) and your profit will be S/970.50”, reads the official portal of the digital payments app.

What is Yape Empresa and what are its benefits?

Yape Empresa is an exclusive service of the BCP digital wallet that seeks to improve the experience in customer collection and payment to suppliers of large companies, streamlining commercial transactions and providing efficient management for businesses. Below, find out its main benefits:

  • Receive yapeos above S/25,750 per month (5 UIT) and make payments for services of up to S/3,000 per day.
  • Download sales and movement reports for up to 90 days to better understand business income and expenses.
  • Add “helper” profiles: the company can choose the personnel who will be able to verify, from their Yape account, that the sale has been made correctly. In this way, the owner of the company no longer needs to leave his cell phone in the business or inspect the warehouses with the screenshots.
  • Link the Yape Empresa account to payments with Yape POS, a solution that allows you to accept credit card payments.
  • Get a personalized service channel through WhatsApp

Yape: how much money can you receive at most per month?

Starting April 1, the maximum amount to receive monthly money in Yape will be 5 UIT, equivalent to S/25,750 per month. This limit applies only to direct yapeos via cell phone number or QR code, not to collect donations as social organizations usually do.

Can you return to Yape Empresa if you disaffiliate?

If a user wants to access Yape Empresa the month after they disaffiliated, they can do so once a month. In that sense, the digital wallet offers the possibility of this option, but it is necessary to mention that the exclusive benefits of this new functionality will be lost, such as the ability to receive yapeos above 5 UIT (S/25,750) per month.

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