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Fish consumption will triple during Holy Week

Fish consumption will triple during Holy Week

Looking ahead to Holy Week – also known as the first long weekend of this year – it is common for Peruvians to consume more fish, in relation to its importance in the biblical passages about the Catholic holiday.

From the Ministry of Production (Produce), they indicated that wholesale markets throughout the country will have 8,400 metric tons of fish and seafood in their inventories: 3.6% more than last year’s long holiday (8,100 MT).

“Regarding average weekly consumption, this result is two or three times higher,” noted the head of the sector, Ana María Choquehuanca.

The opening of the capture of species such as mackerel, horse mackerel, bonito, hake and mahi mahi gives strength to the supply estimates given by Produce.

Benefit to artisanal fishermen

Choquehuanca added that the favorable climatic conditions ensure a constant supply of hydrobiological resources “because the species are very close to the coast, being easily accessible to artisanal fishing, which satisfies the demand of the gastronomic industry and households. ”.

In addition, he alleged that artisanal fishing plays a key role in the supply of these resources – the most demanded being bonito, parrot, squid, horse mackerel, mackerel, mullet, cabinza, lorna and machete – coming from localities with “notable participation of the artisanal fishing”, such as Pucusana, Huacho, Callao, Atico, Ilo, Paita and Ancón.

The increase in fish consumption this Holy Week will directly benefit more than 80,000 artisanal fishermen and 30,000 aquaculturists, Choquehuanca said.

Pay attention to prices

The Republic confirmed that at the Ventanilla fishing terminal, the bonito rose S/1.50, with the kilo at S/4.50.

Meanwhile, the kilo of tilapia remains at S/6.00, as well as that of tollo (S/7.00) and machete (S/3.00). And, for its part, a kilo of chicken in retail markets remains between S/10.70 and S/13.50.


Aid. During Holy Week, 160 ‘Mi Pescadería’ fairs will be held in all regions, in order to reach the most vulnerable population: 200 tons of maritime and continental fish will be sold at affordable prices in favor of 80,000 families, commented Produce.

Supervision. In fishing terminals the conditions of the fish offered to the public will be verified.

Source: Larepublica

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