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Camisea and the Regional Government of Cusco inaugurate second NGV tap in the imperial city

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Cusco It will have its second vehicular natural gas (NGV) station, thanks to the Natural Gas project for vehicular use in the Cusco region, promoted by the Camisea Consortium and the regional government of the imperial city. This time, the tap will be located in the San Sebastián district.

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As recalled, the project, which required an investment of US $ 1.9 million from the Camisea Consortium, launched its first gas center in early 2021 in the San Jerónimo district, allowing Cusco drivers to benefit from all the advantages of vehicular natural gas, as the payment of only S / 6 soles per gallon with savings of 65%.

Thanks to this initiative, which plans to install a third service station in Quillabamba, to date there are 850 vehicles converted for free to NGV in Cusco and it is expected that the number of benefited drivers will continue to rise.

Representatives of Primax, in charge of the commercialization of NGV, explained that the second service station has already been implemented and will begin to operate at the beginning of next year, after receiving the final authorization from the Municipality of San Sebastián. It is projected to supply 400 to 500 vehicles a day.

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“Beyond having NGV for Cusco drivers, the project promoted by GORE Cusco and the Camisea Consortium is essential to initiate other natural gas massification projects that will benefit Cusco families,” said a representative of the organization through a statement. .

Cusco: domestic gas at 20 soles

The regional governor of Cusco, Jean Paul Benavente, reported that, together with the Camisea Consortium and the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem), a new project is in the pipeline for the construction of a nine-kilometer backbone network that finally allows Cusco families to have natural gas at home .

This project proposes the construction of the network to unify the three liquefied natural gas storage tanks that exist in Cusco, as well as networks and facilities to bring cheap fuel to residences, businesses, industries and transport in the city.

The economic technical proposal, for which Camisea ensured the provision of natural gas, was supported by the governor of Cusco, Jean Paul Benavente, before the Ministry of Energy and Mines, and plans to benefit 100,000 families in the region, who would pay consumption per month of 20 soles.

CNG does not damage the engine

Through its social networks, Minem recalled that conversions from gasoline to vehicular natural gas (NGV) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are totally safe and do not damage the engine of your vehicle, as long as this procedure is carried out in an authorized workshop and that it complies with all technical guarantees.

The savings with NGV or LPG is indisputably greater, and that this type of fuel has become the most attractive alternative for taxi drivers who travel an average of 250 kilometers a day. For example, the driver of a gasoline taxi can invest more than 60 soles per day, while with a vehicle converted to CNG or LPG, this cost drops to less than 25 soles (between 50% and 60%).


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