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They warn harmful labor reforms for workers promoted by Popular Action

Various bills, promoted by the bank of Popular Action and with the signature of the president of Congress, Maricarmen Alva, they could put the stability of thousands of workers at risk to prosper in the plenary session, specialists warned.

These are five projects presented as a labor reform package by Popular Action. The first of them, the PL-00316/2021, seeks that the bonuses, which by law correspond to the worker, are included as part of the workers’ salary.

The second Popular Action project, the PL-00319/2021 leaves workers with more than five years in office without the possibility of entering a contract for an indefinite period, always staying within the fixed term.

The third, the PL-00318/2021, proposes increasing the hours corresponding to the day from 20 to 24 part time of work, although including some benefits, also noticed as ambiguous by various workers.

The fourth project, PL-00317/2021, suggests that the collective dismissal, stipulated above 10% of workers in a company, can now occur below that amount, and even individually. The employer could resort to this type of termination for objective reasons, such as financial problems.

Finally, the PL-00320/2021 establishes the granting of benefits to companies that decide to formalize their workers, provided they are under 29 or over 55. All are signed by Congressmen Maricarmen Alva, José Arriola, Pedro Martínez, Silvia Monteza, Luis Aragón, Hilda Portero and Carlos Zeballos.

Various specialists in labor matters have spoken out against the multiple proposal. Among them, the economist Fernando Cuadros, who criticized that the projects have not been prepared in accordance with the specialized agencies of the sector, such as the National Labor Council and the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE).

Be careful with the labor jerks that are promoted from the presidency of Congress. They would be disastrous for the workers. A comprehensive labor reform that improves job quality, not worsen it, is key. It must start from the MTPE, go through the CNT and CM, and in the end Congress ”, said the former MTPE Deputy Minister of Employment.

For his part, the labor lawyer Jorge Fernández told Latina that, from the Parliament, the endorsement of “fraudulent causes” for the dismissal of workers for an indefinite term is being promoted. This is because the employer could fire its workers for alleged technological, structural or analog problems.


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