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Exchange rate: dollar closes on the penultimate Monday of the year higher and is quoted at S / 4.0520

The dollar closed up the trading day on Monday, December 20, the penultimate of 2021, and was quoted at S / 4.0520, after starting at S / 4.0450, reported the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP). With this, it accumulates a gain of 0.35% compared to the close of last Friday.

During the day, the issuing entity placed exchange swaps for S / 400 million for 6 months and interest rates for a term of three months for S / 50 million, in addition to Currency Repos for a term of 1 month for S / 200 million. In the same way, it ended with successful Submissions of Deposits for S / 1,000 million; CDV BCRP, for another S / 1,000 million; and Overnight, for S / 10,399.80.

The currency, meanwhile, is offered for S / 4.0417 the purchase and S / 4.0629 the sale in the main commercial banks of the country. On the other hand, the exchange houses and money changers offer the green ticket for S / 4.03 the purchase, and S / 4.06 the sale.

This occurs just days after the Plenary of the Congress of the Republic granted the Executive partial powers in tax, fiscal, financial and economic reactivation matters. The term it will have will be 90 days, despite the fact that 120 were requested.

It was also known that, during the Christmas and New Year holidays, the capacity of all establishments will be reduced, as a result of the detection of at least a dozen cases of the omicron variant of COVID-19 in the country. A new curfew regime was also established for these holidays.

At the international level, the price of the dollar in Chile, after Gabriel Boric’s victory in the presidential elections, soared in the morning above 870 pesos, its highest historical value, while the stock market collapsed to 7 %.



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