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Bonus of S/700: what will happen to the money of the fishermen who were unable to collect it?

Bonus of S/700: what will happen to the money of the fishermen who were unable to collect it?

Last Wednesday, February 28, the deadline for artisanal fishermen to collect the bonus of S/700 that the Government granted them through the National Fisheries Development Fund (Fondepes) expired to alleviate the economic impacts caused by the El Niño phenomenon, Cyclone Yaku and anomalous waves during the 2023 season.

The Minister of Production, Ana María Choquehuanca, spoke about the balance of the delivery of this subsidy, stating that 92% of the beneficiaries received the payment and that nearly 4,000 fishermen did not collect this amount at the Banco de la Nación. What will happen to the money not claimed by sea workers? We tell you here.

Artisanal Fisherman Bonus of S/700: what will happen to those who did not collect it?

The head of Produce, Ana María Choquehuanca, stated in statements to the press that 92% of the fishermen registered in the registry of beneficiaries managed to collect the bonus of S/700, which expired on February 28. “92% of the fishermen have benefited and there ended up being 4,000 fishermen missing,” explained Choquehuanca within the framework of the launch of the Producempresarial Observatory. in San Isidro.

Similarly, The minister indicated that the undistributed economic resources will return to the coffers of the National Fisheries Development Fund (Fondepes). Let us remember that, according to Emergency Decree 038-2023, this entity was in charge of granting the extraordinary subsidy of S/700 to artisanal fishermen.

“We are going to be in charge of finding out the reasons why 8% of the members of the beneficiary registry did not collect the 700 soles, but this remains in the Fondepes. From Produce we are going to continue working with the fishermen who did not manage to enter on these lists,” stated Choquehuanca.

Finally, the head of Produce gave details about some complaints from artisanal fishermen to access the S/700 bonus and maintained that she will have a meeting in the coming days with the Vice Minister of Fisheries to address the pending work agenda. “Some complained to us (that they could not collect) because their ID was wrong, their name was misspelled or because the Banco de la Nación told them that they could not (access the subsidy) when they were on the list. We are outlining that with the Vice Ministry of Fisheries and in the coming days we will continue to advance. We are working on other issues with artisanal fishermen,” he stated.

On what dates was the collection of Bonus 700 for fishermen in force?

As of Thursday, December 21, 2023, the payment of the S/700 bonus for artisanal fishermen began. For this purpose, the Executive Branch allocated a total of S/33 million 294,100 and the beneficiaries amounted to a total of 47,500. However, this figure increased on February 9 due to the incorporation of more than 4,000 sea workers, according to information from the Regional Production Directorates (Direpro) and the General Directorate of Captaincies and Coast Guard (Dicapi).

The delivery of this economic subsidy in the agencies of the Banco de la Nación ended on Wednesday, February 28 of this year and benefited 92% of the fishermen registered in the official registry, according to Minister Ana María Choquehuanca.

What other bonds are current in Peru?

The Housing Leasing for Emergencies (BAE) bonus, better known as the rain bonus, is available in March and is aimed at families whose homes have been declared uninhabitable or destroyed by disasters, especially floods and landslides. Said subsidy of S/500 is provided preventively to the victims with the purpose of facilitating the rental of housing for a maximum period of two years.

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