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8 of 10 common pots would close due to the decision of the Midis

8 of 10 common pots would close due to the decision of the Midis

It is known that the pandemic, apart from the thousands of deaths and increasing social inequalities, left examples of resilience and organization to survive. Common pots embody that fighting spirit.

At the national level Nearly 4,000 common pots have been mapped — the capital concentrates just over 90%—. Of this universe, 77% would be at risk of disappearing for not meeting the requirements demanded by the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis) to recognize them as Grassroots Social Organizations (OSB) in order to benefit from the Food Complementation Program (PCA). ).

What is the criterion that they do not meet? In accordance with article 5.1.3 of the supreme decree that regulates the law of common pots (DS n° 002-2022-MIDIS), these groups must be distanced by 500 meters or more from another or popular dining room; Otherwise, they will not be taken into account in the registration.

Helplessness and lack of budget

“What will happen to those common pots? We don’t want anyone to be left out. If we are going to move, it has to be with all of them. They have ignored everything that we proposed for the regulations, even though they told us that we were going to participate. They have to respect the place of origin of the common pots,” Fortunata Palomino, president of the Network of Common Pots of Metropolitan Lima, told La República.

From the Peruvian Center for Social Studies (Cepes) they warn that, in Lima and Callao alone, 8 out of 10 common pots would close due to the Midis regulations.

If the criterion of 500 m distance between one and the other is applied, the mayors’ offices – which from the middle of this year will take charge of food distribution – will not recognize them and they will not be able to be in the Single Registry of Social Organizations (RUOS), and thus they will not benefit from the PCA that the Government of Dina Boluarte. In a good Christian, they will stop counting on food.

Cepes remembers that The communal pots serve up to 80 people a daypreferably people with disabilities, older adults and children in poverty.

Palomino, with indignation in every word expressed to this newspaper, announced that next Friday, March 8, they will march to the Midis headquarters demanding not only that this article be changed, but also a larger budget.

It is worth adding that although the budget for common pots was raised to S/144 million, it is not enough, since less than S/3.00 is allocated per serving for its more than 385,000 beneficiaries. They ask for S/158 million.

Midis ensures that no one will be neglected

Karim Jiménez, general director of Design and Articulation of Social Benefits at Midis, told La República that no pot is going to closesince the budget law for 2024 establishes that all of them will be attended to even if they do not go to the PCA.

And with a view to 2025, they announced that they will promote “the modification” of the questioned article so that no one is harmed. He did not clarify whether the distancing criteria will be annulled or whether distancing will be reduced.

Jiménez stressed that “the gaps are immense” and they have the will to “bring the daily basket to those most in need”, although they will strive to end the duplication, since some users go to different communal soup kitchens on the same day or already receive benefits from other programs.

Source: Larepublica

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