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For fair rates: app delivery people announce national strike

For fair rates: app delivery people announce national strike

On more than one occasion, La República has warned about the precarious link that exists in social media apps. delivery, in which 9 out of 10 delivery drivers claim to be unprotected as they do not have any insurance, despite dedicating between 8 to 14 hours a day to the service.

In this regard, the Union of Digital Platform Workers (Sintrapladi)—backed by the General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP)—denounces that companies Rappi, Uber, Orders Now and Indrive They barely give them S/0.80 per kilometer traveled and pass on the cost of canceled orders, in addition to not giving them medical insurance in case of any emergency.

Next Monday, March 11, the drivers of these delivery apps will observe a nationwide strike to demand improvements in the relationship with the companies in question, which they label as “abusive.”

Independents with the right to decide

Paul Veliz, Secretary of defense of Sintrapladi, told La República that they do not receive fair rates, given that for more than 4 km traveled the apps give them S/2.80 per order.

They have sought to talk with the delivery companies, but the dialogue did not materialize. It is worth noting that motorists are witnesses that not all apps have offices where they can go to complain. Almost all procedures are resolved digitally. “These companies (Uber, Rappi, Pedidos Ya, Indrive) take advantage of calling us simple collaborators. We are independent. We want to be autonomous, but for our rights to be respected. We are blocked if we do not want to place an order late at night to a dangerous area. I have to take a poorly paid order and to a dangerous area. We must be free to choose,” she commented.

Véliz assured that the mobilization, in the case of the capital, will take place in the green Coast and they will go to some administrative headquarters of the apps to present a letter with their requests for improved treatment.

“It will depend on the good will (of the apps) to solve it. It’s not something from now. We have been fighting this fight for three years. Before we were organized civilians, but now we have the legal voice of a union,” the leader told this newspaper.

Finally, Harvey Buitragosecretary general of Sintrapladiquestioned Rappi for “being insensitive and abusive”, since there are cases of workers who have only been recognized between S/600 and S/800 for six months of disqualification.


  • Sincerity. From Rappi, they recognized, in mid-2023, that thanks to the pandemic they positioned themselves as the largest app in the Peruvian market. Their expansion plans did not contemplate paying more to their motor vehicles “because they already earn double the basic amount,” according to Camila Reyes, head of Operations for the Andean region.
  • Reality. More than 145,000 delivery workers earn less than S/1,025, Fairwork revealed.

Source: Larepublica

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