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Mayor of Huaral affirms that the province is not prepared for the Chancay Megaport

Mayor of Huaral affirms that the province is not prepared for the Chancay Megaport

He mayor of Huaral, Fernando Cárdenas declared on TV Perú that the province is not ready to face the impact on various sectors that the inauguration of the Chancay Megaport will generate. It is worth remembering that this investment project has begun to attract capital from different countries such as Ecuador, Chile and China.

The mayor explained why he believes that they are not prepared for this mega-work, in addition to how they should prepare for it.

What did the mayor of Huaral say regarding the megaport?

Mayor Fernando Cardenas declared: “This is a very important issue (…) that has been going on for many years. The issue of the megaport project was already known to be coming. Now it is being executed and will be inaugurated in its first stage in November of this year However, interventions are just being made by the central government.”

The mayor highlighted that, although the Government is working on the Panamericana Norte, the roads coming from the central mountains have not been taken into account, which will also experience a significant increase in transport flow.

Cárdenas indicated that the Government’s current works to improve roads focus on direct access to the megaport. In addition, he mentioned that inter-institutional agreements have been established with the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation to develop provincial territorial conditioning and urban development plans in Huaral, Chancay and Aucallama, areas directly affected by the mega-project.

In addition, he requested to reactivate the project for the construction of a highway designated as a national highway by Congress that connects Chancay, Huaral, Acos and Huallay (Cerro de Pasco) and that extends to Junín, Ucayali and Huánuco. “There is a road that goes from Huaral to Cerro de Pasco. On the Aucallama side, there is a road that goes to Canta. (…). They have not considered these routes, all that transportation load is going to generate chaos,” he added.

What did the mayor of Huaral say regarding citizen security?

One of the important factors is citizen security, Mayor Fernando Cárdenas recognized an increase in cases of extortion, contract killings or contract killings, and human trafficking. In the province of Huaral, the 400 police officers assigned are insufficient for a population of 200,000 inhabitants, which makes it difficult to control the growing crime in that region of the country.

The mayor reported that he is working from the Provincial Citizen Security Committee (Coprosec) and coordinating with all institutions and social actors in the community, especially with the National Police Division (Divpol) to establish strategies against crime.

He announced that they have a citizen security project that includes the installation of 150 video cameras in Huaral and the implementation of quick aid stations in the areas with the highest crime incidence, in addition to the acquisition of trucks and motorcycles.

Source: Larepublica

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