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Minem warns of risk of fuel shortages for national and international flights

Minem warns of risk of fuel shortages for national and international flights

The Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) announced that it will allow wholesale producers and distributors of Turbo A-1, fuel used by aircraft, to operate with stocks (reserves) of less than 15 days, due to an imminent risk of market shortages. .

Directorial resolution 059-2024-MINEM/DGH reveals that production problems at Petroperú’s Talara Refinery, due to the complexity of its startup (during its modernization stage), have led to the Turbo A-1 fuel “being out of specification, which has caused various delays in the operations of coastal vessels”.

“Although to date there are still inventories of Turbo A-1, the supply limitations of this Hydrocarbon at the Callao Supply Plant could be affected (sic), this will mean a negative impact not only on the normal development continuous and reliable supply of fuel, but also in the effects that, as an externality, it can generate in other activities,” says Minem.

This, in addition, is added to the closure due to anomalous waves of the Punta Arenas Multibuoys Terminal, Negritos Multibuoys Terminal, Petroperú Liquid Cargo Dock and MU2 Hybrid Dock, for all maritime, underwater and port activities, “causing congestion of ships in Talara and delays in the fuel landings, such as the Turbo A-1”.

Along these lines, the Technical – Legal Report 020-2024-MINEM/DGH-DPTC-DNH, published on February 22, 2024, concluded that, as there is a risk of limitations in the Marketing Activities of Turbo A-1 Fuels in the Callao Terminal, as well as the low inventories in the other Supply Plants of said product, “a high risk of shortages is expected”

“And, with this, a direct impact on the provision of the public air transport service through national and international commercial flights,” says the document, issued by the General Directorate of Hydrocarbons (DGH).

However, in dialogue with La República, the general director of Hydrocarbons himself, Luis Garciaacknowledged not having the necessary information to explain the shortage of Turbo A1 in the market.

The one who did respond was Gustavo Navarro, energy specialist, who explained that there are two large Turbo A1 marketers in the market: Petroperú and Repsol. However, the state company had a stoppage in its production due to the modernization work at the Talara Refinery (the Conchán refinery does not produce Turbo A1), and it dedicated itself solely to importing it, like Repsol.

“There are two types: the Turbo A1, for private planes or jets, and the JP5, for missile frigates. Osinergmin obliges distribution companies to maintain average inventories of 15 days of sales for the last 6 months, although the minimum is 5 days. It is not the first time that a similar event has happened,” he says.

Source: Larepublica

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