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Mivivienda Fund receives more than S/1,200 million to deliver bonds

Mivivienda Fund receives more than S/1,200 million to deliver bonds

Resources will be used to execute the Family Housing Bonus for construction on one’s own site and acquisition of new housing.

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The Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation (MVCS) gave the green light to the transfer of more than S/1,232 million for the financing of subsidies in its sectoral programs.

According to RM No. 046-2024-VIVIENDA, the resources will go to the Mivivienda Fund for the execution of the Family Housing Bonus.

In detail, Up to S/897 million 197,985 will be allocated to the BFH in the form of construction on its own site and S/335 million 357,983 for the acquisition of new housing.

It is worth noting that, to buy a home, the subsidy amounts to S/44,805; and in the case of building, it can reach S/30,900. This Family Housing Bonus is not refundable.

This list of items may not be used for different purposes, in accordance with the 2024 public budget law and its agreements on housing.

Through the General Directorate of Programs and Projects in Housing and Urban Planning of the MVCS, the purposes, physical and financial goals of the transfer will be monitored and met.

Meanwhile, the Mivivienda Fund will inform the portfolio headed by Hania Pérez de Cuéllar about the physical and financial progress.


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