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Valentine’s Day: sales in restaurants would grow by more than 50% on February 14

Valentine’s Day: sales in restaurants would grow by more than 50% on February 14

This Wednesday February 14ththe date on which Valentine’s Day is celebrated, restaurants would have a 50% increase in its sales, as estimated by the Peruvian Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Related Services (Now Peru).

Blanca Chávez, president of Ahora Perú, recalled that in 2023 90% of restaurants had a 30% decrease in sales compared to 2022. However, she said that in 2024 the economic outlook “looks favorable.”

“This year The national context in relation to sales for Valentine’s Day is very different compared to last year which was marked by protests, road blockades and marches, which seriously affected tourism,” the union representative stressed.

This year, Chávez pointed out, some store owners, instead of offering discounts They will choose to provide gifts for the couples, such as flowers, balloons or chocolates. He also noted that in this celebration not only couples celebrate, but also groups of friends, which increases demand in restaurants.

Regarding the expenditure that users will make in this type of establishment, Chávez details that the average expenditure in chicken shops is S/95 for 4 people, since on February 14 groups of friends also go out to share; in the case of the cevicheriaswhich are also the favorite option for the summer season, The average expense is S/60 per personwhich includes the main course and a drink.

Finally, he said that the delivery salesand they are a good option, although the profits are not equal to those obtained in the stores.

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