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Banco de la Nación has a credit card without membership: what are the requirements?

Banco de la Nación has a credit card without membership: what are the requirements?

In contrast to credit cards provided by other banking institutions, the one offered by this entity eliminates the need for a minimum spend to avoid the membership fee.

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It is essential to know that the credit card is positioned as one of the most in-demand financial instruments in the national territory thanks to the significant advantages it provides. However, it is common that its use implies the payment of an annual fee known as membership. A strategy to avoid this outlay consists of making a “minimum” monthly expense, the amount of which varies depending on the type of card you have.

In this context, the National bank It is distinguished by offering this financial tool without the requirement to pay for said membership. For those interested in exploring this alternative, it is crucial to be aware of the requirements, advantages and other fundamental aspects to access it.

What requirements must I meet to get a credit card from Banco de la Nación?

  1. Be appointed personnel, hired for an indefinite term or a public sector pensioner.
  2. Receive your salary or pension income at Banco de la Nación.
  3. Belong to an entity that has an institutional collaboration agreement with the bank.
  4. Have a valid national identity document (DNI) or immigration card.
  5. Possess a current MultiRed debit card.

Types of credit card

  • Classic card:
    -It has a line of credit that ranges from S/300 to S/20,000. The card is unnamed, which means that it will not visibly display the owner’s data.
    -Offers an interest rate (TEA) of 27.00% for purchases.
    -As for the cash provision, the interest rate is 32.00%.
  • gold card:
    -Line of credit from S/20,001 to S/30,000. The card is unnamed.
    -The interest rate for purchases is 25.00%. Meanwhile, for the provision of cash, it will be 30.00%.
  • Platinum card:
    -For this card, the credit line ranges from S/30,001 to S/50,000. In this case, the plastic will have the owner’s data.
    -The interest rate for purchases is 21.00%, while for cash withdrawals it will be 26.00%.

Banco de la Nación credit card: can it be used abroad?

According to the official portal of the Banco de la Nación, it is possible; However, you must communicate this procedure at least two business days in advance, indicating the place and period of travel through the following service channels:

  • Customer service, calling numbers (511) 442-4470, 4405305 and 0-800-10700 (24-hour service),
    in any of its agencies nationwide.

Banco de la Nación credit card: what benefits does it offer?

  1. Buy in millions of physical and virtual establishments.
  2. Withdraw cash through the entity’s more than 900 automatic channels, more than 14,000 MultiNetwork agents and all ATMs nationally and internationally that are affiliated with the network Mastercard.
  3. Provides the option to make purchases safely by using a secret key in each operation.
  4. Have access to exclusive promotions and discounts with the entity.
  5. There is no membership fee.
  6. You can request up to four additional cards for free.

How many service channels does Banco de la Nación have?

  • Bank agencies: in Metropolitan Lima, Lima provinces and departments
  • ATMs: in Metropolitan Lima, Lima provinces and departments
  • MultiNetwork Agents: in Metropolitan Lima, Lima provinces and departments

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