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Fisherman’s bonus of S/700 expanded beneficiaries: until when is it paid and what is the consultation link?

Fisherman’s bonus of S/700 expanded beneficiaries: until when is it paid and what is the consultation link?

The Ministry of Production published the new list that incorporates more beneficiaries of the S/700 bonus for artisanal fishermen. Below, find out the collection period and the requirements to access this financial subsidy.

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Last Friday, February 9, the Ministry of Production (Produce) published the complementary list of beneficiaries of the S/700 bonus provided by the Government to artisanal fishermen affected by the economic impacts of the El Niño phenomenon and anomalous waves. Through Ministerial Resolution No. 000040-2024-PRODUCE, this list was certified, which includes information from the Regional Production Directorates (Direpro) and the General Directorate of Captaincies and Coast Guard (Dicapi).

This measure materializes after Minister Ana María Choquehuanca had recognized in January of this year that there were errors in the first register of 47,500 fishermen due to signatures or misspelled names, which needed to be corrected to avoid recurrences. As is public knowledge, this financial subsidy is granted by the National Fisheries Development Fund (Fondepes) to on-board and non-board workers who have a valid fishing permit.

Bonus of S/700: how many fishermen joined the list of beneficiaries?

According to RM No. 000040-2024, the recent update by Produce has incorporated 4,771 additional artisanal fishermen to the register of the fisherman’s bonus of S/700. It should be noted that this group of workers belongs to the 74,500 beneficiaries that were contemplated from the beginning, only that in their cases, observations were required due to misspelled signatures or names, among other reasons.

Until when is the S/700 bonus for fishermen paid?

The Ministry of Production reported that Fondepes is in coordination with the Banco de la Nación to implement the collection of the S/700 bonus for artisanal fishermen in its agencies at the national level. In that sense, they will be able to access this subsidy until February 28 of this year.

S/700 bonus for fishermen: what are the requirements to collect?

According to article 3 of Emergency Decree No. 038-2023, the National Fisheries Development Fund (Fondepes) is authorized to deliver the economic subsidy of S/700 to artisanal fishermen who meet these requirements:

  1. They must be formally dedicated to artisanal fishing activity, according to the Regulations of the General Fisheries Law, approved by Supreme Decree No. 012-2001-PE.
  2. They must be included in the registry of beneficiaries of artisanal fishermen approved by Ministerial Resolution No. 00424-2023-Produce.
  3. They should not benefit from other social programs.

What is the link with DNI to see if I have to receive the S/700 bonus for fishermen?

The S/700 bonus is executed within the framework of the Con Punch Peru plan to provide economic support to fishermen affected by anomalous waves and the occurrence of the El Niño phenomenon. In that sense, they can verify if they are beneficiaries of this economic subsidy by entering the Produce artisanal fisherman bonus platform through these steps:

  1. You must enter the Produce website and click on THIS LINK.
  2. Then, they have to write their DNI number and check the consult option.
  3. Next, a box will appear on the screen that will indicate whether or not they are registered in the registry of beneficiaries of the S/700 bonus.

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