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Cajamarca Carnival 2024 would generate economic movement of more than S/70 million

Cajamarca Carnival 2024 would generate economic movement of more than S/70 million

Cajamarca Carnival 2024. A few days into the new year, the activities for the Cajamarca carnival also began. However, only in the second week of February are the dates most anticipated by participants. The ‘most joyful festival in Peru’ have programmed, between February 9 and 14the entry of the ‘Ño Carnavalón’, the patrol and troupe competition, the great carnival parade, among others.

Year after year, the festival is surpassed, so this 2024 the authorities hope that it will not be the exception. The number of tourists who will arrive for the festival is estimated at approximately 70,000. However, during its official launch in the city of Lima, led by the Minister of Culture, Leslie Urteaga, it was estimated that an average of 100,000 people, including nationals and foreigners, visited it.

The Republic contacted the head of the Regional Directorate of Tourism and Foreign Trade (Dircetur) of Cajamarca, Neri Huamán Cueva, to learn more details about it. The official pointed out that a visitor spends between S/850 and S/1,500 during their staywhich is equivalent to an average of S/1,175 for each one.

If this figure is rounded to S/1,000 and multiplied by the 70,000 tourists expected for 2024, There is a total of S/70 million. It would be more if we consider the amount disclosed during the presentation of the carnival in the capital, last January 23.

The president of the Peruvian Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Related (Now) made the same estimate. Cajamarca. “Some estimated 175,000 people. The Minister of Tourism You mentioned 100,000. We, based on calculation and coordination with other sectors, estimate 70,000,” said José Rojas for this medium.

Cajamarca Carnival 2024: are there hotels available?

Regarding the issue of hotels, Huamán Cueva maintained that formal hotels are already 100% full. “We have within Dircetur (a) capacity of 6,000 registered beds, from categorized to non-categorized accommodations,” he explained. This means that the bulk of visitors would be concentrated in non-formal hotels, such as houses, apartments or even those who spend the night in public places.

In this sense, all citizens were recommended to use the website of the Ministry of Tourism, a portal that contains the accommodation directory. In addition, it was suggested to enter the website of the Regional Government of Cajamarca, a site that also includes travel agencies, tourist guides and others. This is in order not to fall into scams.

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