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Aranburu, on the stoppage of Sidenor: “They are instrumentalizing the squad for other objectives”

The general secretary of LAB has established positions on the reform of the education law. The national union is committed to a community public school, which means “the end of the dual system.”

The general secretary of LAB, Garbiñe Aranburu, considers that the 20-day stoppage announced by Sidenor is a “instrumentalization of the workforce for other objectives “, fundamentally political. The union leader has pointed out that it is time to negotiate the budgets, and that this announcement could be due to the” need for Basque capital to be in a different position “; however, he said they need to analyze it in more depth.

In an interview with the “Boulevard” program on Radio Euskadi, Abanburu denounced the “lack of information on the real reasons” of Sidenor, since, in his opinion, “with the benefits it has had in recent years and with of work you have can cope with this situation. It is intended, once again, that the pagans are the workers, and in this case doubly pagan. “

Aranburu has also set LAB’s positions around the reform of the education law Basque, which the parties are negotiating. Along these lines, although he has admitted that a political pact would be very positive, he has advocated that it be extended “to the entire educational community, something that did not happen in the previous agreement,” he criticized.

The national union is committed to a “community public school“, which means” the end of the dual system. “However, the plant considers that the path to that single network must be carried out” in stages, within a process “and that the agreement must be made based on certain conditions. , which go through “guaranteeing gratuity, euskaldunización and avoiding segregation”.

On the impact of the rise in electricity and energy dependence on the recovery, Aranburu stressed that the problem must be addressed “from another point of view” and has criticized the privatization of the energy sector and the “arrogance” with which companies act. “They are true vampires, who want to enrich themselves at the expense of the people and the workers.”

Regarding the possible convocation of a general strike, the general secretary of LAB has insisted that her intention was to convene her in autumn since, according to its criteria, it has to “recover the offensive path after the pandemic”. However, “logically that must be agreed, and we are working on it. The ball would be in ELA’s court, to specify the date “.

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