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If I have already paid my debt and I am still registered with Infocorp: how to update my credit report?

If I have already paid my debt and I am still registered with Infocorp: how to update my credit report?

Do you want to clean up your credit history? In the following note, review the steps to regularize your debt report in Infocorp.

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If you had problems applying for a loan or renting a property because your credit history is not updated, pay attention to the following note. It turns out that Infocorp is the entity in charge of collecting the most complete information on debt in the country. If this is paid on time, the report is favorable to obtain better credit conditions and carry out secure business.

In the following note from La República, write down all the steps to regularize your status and stop appearing on the list of defaulters. Remember that the review process is free and that a positive credit history is key for the next financial transactions you make.

How to update my credit history in Infocorp?

The information shown in the Infocorp credit report is made up of data that comes from public and exclusive sources. However, many times, these entities do not update the data and this can cause you to continue appearing as a defaulter in the report even though you paid off the outstanding debt. Next, learn how to clean your credit history:

  • If you have a debt with a commercial entity or an institution not regulated by the SBS, it is necessary that you contact directly the entity with which you had the debt and request that they send the debt cancellation information to Infocorp so that they update your credit history.
  • Remember that you must request all the necessary documentation to support the cancellation of the debt, such as the payment voucher or the no-debt certificate.
  • In the case of a financial debt, this will be reflected on your credit report approximately two months after making the payment. After the debt is paid, it will remain as canceled in Infocorp’s database for a period of two years from the date of cancellation of the obligation reported to Equifax.

These are the steps to review your credit report via Equifax

According to its website, Equifax has a rating that predicts the probability of paying debts in the next 12 months and that is taken into account by various financial entities to grant credit. Along those lines, if you want to submit a request to review your credit history, send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

Natural person

  • ID of the holder.
  • Documents that prove the request such as proof of payment, no-debt letter, etc.

Legal person

  • ID of the legal representative.
  • RUC file of the company.
  • Documents that prove the request such as proof of payment, no-debt letter, etc.

Remember that Equifax – Infocorp has a period of 12 calendar days to respond to your request, and if applicable, it will update the information you requested. After said period has elapsed, it will be shown that there is no such responsibility.

Infocorp: how do I know if I have debts through Equifax?

  • Enter the Equifax portal.
  • Register by entering your ID and write your personal information.
  • Although you can know your bank score for free, you can also access a complete report by paying the amount of S/29.90.
  • After that, your debt report and credit score will be sent to the email you registered.
  • Also, you can enter THIS LINK for more information about your report.

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