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Attention fishermen!  Produce announces new list of beneficiaries to collect the S/700 bonus

Attention fishermen! Produce announces new list of beneficiaries to collect the S/700 bonus

More than 30,000 artisanal fishermen have already collected the second bonus of S/700 provided by the Government to counteract the economic impacts of the El Niño phenomenon and abnormal waves. However, there are still more than 15,000 of these workers who have not yet claimed the amount that corresponds to them and there is another group that does not appear in the registry of beneficiaries.

To address this situation, the Minister of Production, Ana María Choquehuanca, announced that her portfolio will prepare a final list of fishermen who did not receive this subsidy, but who did meet the requirements. She then reviews the statements of the owner of Produce in this regard and she knows all the steps to collect the bonus of S / 700.

New list to collect the S/700 bonus: what did Produce say?

The head of the Ministry of Production, Ana María Choquehuanca, reported that her portfolio will publish a new list made up of those fishermen who, despite having met the requirements, were not included in the list of beneficiaries to collect the S/700 bonus that It will be effective until February 28.

“The Regional Production Directorates (Direpro), suddenly, have sent a name or document wrong. So, there are observations that are being made and we are going to make a final list to correct those errors. Then, we will publish a resolution that will “It will take a while, but all formal and non-formal fishermen have the right. The bonus is for everyone, that was the requirement and that is what we are going to do.”said the minister during the sequence “United before the FEN” that is broadcast on the Government’s social networks.

Likewise, Ana María Choquehuanca highlighted that the 76% of embarked and non-embarked artisanal fishermen have received the bonus of S/700, whose list of beneficiaries is made up of 47,563 sea workers. “It is a commitment of the president that we have fulfilled. We hope to finish in the next few days and with the last list, we will correct any errors that Direpro may have made in Peru,” she said.

Finally, the head of Produce assured that the Executive will continue to implement new strategies to support artisanal fishermen and along those lines, she reported that a network of women fishermen will be promoted so that “they can carry out other types of actions, which do not necessarily have to do with fishing, since in difficult times, they cannot enter the sea and have no income.

How do I verify if I am on the list of beneficiaries of the S/700 bonus?

If you are an artisanal fisherman and want to know if you are registered in the registry of those authorized to collect the S/700 bonus, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Ministry of Production website and click on THIS LINK.
  • Enter your National Identity Document (DNI) number and mark the “Consult” option.
  • Next, a box will appear on the screen that will tell you whether or not you are registered in the registry of beneficiaries of the S/700 bonus.

Review the requirements to collect the S/700 bonus

The National Fisheries Development Fund (Fondepes) is the body authorized to deliver the S/700 subsidy to artisanal fishermen. To access this amount, beneficiaries must present their current ID to the bank and meet the following requirements:

  • They must be formally dedicated to artisanal fishing activity, according to the Regulations of the General Fisheries Law, approved by Supreme Decree No. 012-2001-PE.
  • They must be included in the registry of beneficiaries of artisanal fishermen approved by Ministerial Resolution No. 00424-2023-Produce.
  • They should not benefit from other social programs.

Produce: what are your communication channels?

To make any queries about the S/700 bonus for artisanal fishermen, the Ministry of Production has made the following means of communication available to users:

  • Website:
  • Numbers: (01) 209 7700, annex 7440.
  • WhatsApp: 941 829 651, from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm

Source: Larepublica

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