The Minister of Economy and Finance, Juan Carlos Vega, traveled today to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) to attend the CLXXX meeting of the Board of Directors of CAF (Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean).

At this meeting, the strategy and work goals of the multilateral organization for 2024 will be known, in order to advance in the analysis of potential sources of financing and technical assistance for Ecuador.

Minister Vega Malo, who indicated that the country will end the year with a deficit of 5,000 million dollars, indicated a few days ago that he had already held the first meeting in Carondelet with CAF. He then said that a request was sent to that organization to support President Noboa’s projects in job creation, growth and economic revival. Support was also needed to cover the fiscal deficit, but he specified that the figures had not yet been discussed with the Croatian Armed Forces.

Ecuador currently has problems with fiscal money. Thus, on December 1, less than 95 million dollars was recorded in the treasury account. There were problems with paying suppliers, and even pensioners from the Institute of Social Security of the Armed Forces (Issfa) came out to protest in the Plaza Grande and near the Issfa building in Guayaquil.