Defining the single basic salary in accordance with the provisions of the Ministerial Agreement no. MDT-2023-172 of November 29, 2023 will be until December 22, 2023. It was announced from the Ministry of the branch headed by Ivonne Núñez, the new Minister of Labor.

This Friday, December 1, 2023, the last session of the National Council for Work and Wages ended, without consensus, provided for in the rulebook for determining the single basic salary for 2024.

As reported by the ministry, Marcela Arellano, representative of the labor sector, said in this regard: “These were days of intense exchange of ideas for both sectors and highlighted the importance of considering poverty, the cost of living and the basic basket to set a single basic wage that revalues ​​work.” ” The proposal of the workers was to increase the price by 100 dollars, in order to equalize it with the basic basket. At another point, they seemed ready to accept a $25 increase as planned by the previous government, former President Lasso.

For her part, Tania Pazmiño, representative of the employers’ sector, indicated that the wish of her sector was always to reach an agreement and requested that, when an agreement is not possible, the decision should be made technically. For their part, the employers proposed that it be $4.12. But in the end, they said that if the ministry has to increase the salary, it should be done on the basis of inflation, i.e. an increase of 9.32 dollars.

In the meantime, Ivonne Núñez, the Minister of Labor, when evaluating this year’s salary determination process, highlighted the dialogue and openness with which all sessions of this Council were conducted, and she also commented: “I’m sorry that we didn’t “reach an agreement was possible, I hereby close this In accordance with the applicable regulations, the Council will receive information on the determination of the single basic salary in a timely manner.”