Through the web, various messages are published in which people are invited to enter some entity and give a certain amount of money with the aim of making it grow in the shortest possible time.

Likewise, there are others who try to attract attention by advertising loans in exchange for an initial amount and giving a low rate compared to other products on the market.

This could be part of a scam and you will lose your money, the Banking and Insurance Supervisory Authority warns. The entity keeps records of institutions that are authorized for these tasks, and reports and informs those that are not.

Bank management warns against false messages on social networks and reminds that creating financial panic is punishable by law

As for this type of publication, it is indicated that they are published by natural and legal persons who are not under their control and authority, so “such offers are a clear sign of credit mechanisms that do not adapt to established parameters”. by this control body and could endanger the interests of citizens.”

This year, 78 of these institutions have been counted so far: